Monday, March 12, 2012

Glow February 2012

Here's the now-backissued Glow February 2012 that comes with an Aquascutum tote in their signature check pattern. I don't know this brand at all, but I did have a chance to check out the freebie tote on display at Tsutaya and found it well made, so I picked it up.

The tote measures 25(height) x 22(length, top expands up to 32) x 10(width) cm and is made of a polyester material that feels like a soft velvety wool. Not real stuff of course, but still feels nice. The handles are PVC and is well-attached to the bag with double reinforced stitching.

The bag has no pockets inside or outside, but it is lined with clean stitchings and no loose threads.

I have mentioned in the past that Glow's target audience is women in their 30's and beyond, and this issue features "slimming coordinates" for ladies in their 40's.

If you're wondering whether Japanese women in their 40's really dress this way, the answer is yes, most of them do. Not everyone, of course, but most of the ladies here are very well put-together, regardless of their age bracket. If you're also wondering, yes, it makes me feel very sloppy and boring standing next to them.

The freebie bag along with tidbits about the brand.

Notable ladies and their must-haves this season.

More of these popular one-pieces.

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