Monday, March 26, 2012

Sweet April 2012

Funny that I just posted the backissue of Sweet September 2011 not too long ago, because here's another issue, Sweet April 2012, with Amuro Namie on the cover ^.^ This one caught my attention with its pretty Jill Stuart freebie tote in a hot pink cherry print.

The tote measures 20(height) x 34(length) x 10(width) cm and is made of polyester. The fabric is thick and soft. Not only it has a satiny sheen, it feels smooth and silky like satin. However, this also makes it extremely vulnerable to scratches, snags, and stains, even more so than the other freebie bags I have made with similar materials. In fact, upon opening up I saw that my tote was already stained in 2 separate spots. It's nothing serious and the stains will probably be removed with a wash but still, I would prefer a tote bag that's more functional and less "high maintenance."

But other than that, the tote is well made. The handles are well attached along the bag's whole height so it probably can take some weight. It has a front pocket, and its interior is fully lined with a hot coral pink polyester fabric. All interior seams are also covered.

Model with the freebie tote.

Amuro Namie modeling pink spring dresses. 

This particular spread caught my eyes because I had mistaken the model for Taiwanese pop star Elva Hsiao. I literally did a double take and then went off googling Elva's pictures. Dead ringer, I tell you. From her facial profile to the point of her nose.

Especially this provocative pose on the left page here. I could have sworn I'd seen the exact same picture with Elva some years back at the height of her career, though I couldn't find it on the internet. May be I made all that up in my head, I don't know.

There goes the bunny ears again.

The big pink headline says "Lovely spring coordinates" in two distinct styles, Romantic Sweet and High Street.

I definitely don't dig the Romantic Sweet look, that's for sure.

I like these outfits better, but I'm not sure I would call these "High Street." Honestly, I think there's nothing "street" about these outfits. They're way too put-together to be called "street" in my humble opinion.

Check out that retro red polka dot blouse and wide leg jeans outfit. High street?

A bit tweaking here and there, though I don't really get any of these fashion "fixes". What was wrong with the original outfit to begin with?!?

The "hots" and "nots" of the season, I guess.

Pretty dresses, though I'm pretty sure some of them will instantly turn me 80, like that long dress in the middle of the left page.

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