Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sweet September 2011

I just bought Sweet April 2012 yesterday and haven't gotten to it yet. But here's another backissue of Sweet September 2011 that came with a nice Anna Sui tote and drawstring pouch set. 

Since the Anna Sui Rouge Jar I got way back when, I've stopped paying attention to the brand as it's gotten a little ornate for my taste. There has been lots of other Anna Sui magazine freebies and mooks though, but I still wasn't interested, so this one is rather special. In fact, I like this one so much that I forgot I had already bought an issue and went out to buy another one ^.^ So yeah, I have two of this issue and I haven't opened the other one yet. Since it's brand new and the freebie set is unopened still in shrink wrap, I'm thinking of posting it on my sales blogs for those who collect Anna Sui things. We'll see.

The tote measures 16.5(height) x 29(length) x 9.5(width) cm and is made of PVC. The drawstring pouch measures 19.5(height) x 22(length) x 7.5(width) cm and is made of glossy polyester, making look and feel like thick satin. I like the simplicity of the tote, which only makes the purple flower print on the drawstring pouch stands out all the more. 

Both the tote and pouch are very well made with clean and even stitching and no loose threads. The tote does not have any pockets, but it is lined inside with polyester fabric that matches the drawstring pouch's bluish purple color scheme. Also, the PVC material feels thick enough that the tote doesn't really need any padding, in my opinion. The pouch is not lined. 

May be I haven't been paying attention, but it seems this particular issue has more fashion editorial than it usually does. Right off the bat, the magazine starts with this spread featuring Amuro Namie in various gravity defying poses. I don't get the black lace bunny ears though.

A Valentino spread featuring Mizuhara Kiko, whose stock has been going off the charts since her partake in the film adaptation of Murakami Haruki's Norwegian Wood. I swear she's been in every freakin' magazine I've seen!

Tory Burch spread featuring Yoshikawa Hinano.

The freebie tote and drawstring pouch.

The rest is same old same old, just pages after pages of fashion and styling.

Featuring famous fashion bloggers.

I found the makeup looks in these next few pages interesting. First is the "NY blogger" look.

The "London girl" and "Parisienne."

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