Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Steady September 2011

Now that I don't buy many magazines anymore, I have a few moments here and there to go back and catch up with the issues I didn't get to last year. Here's a backissue of Steady September 2011 that came with a large Rope Picnic tote. 

The tote is made of polyester and measures a whopping 28(height) x 44(length) x 14(width) cm. It comes in an adorable itty bitty orangey red flower and green leaf print on a ivory back ground, with dusty pink handle and base.

There is an outer pocket as well as one inside. The polyester material is thick and sturdy, and although the tote is not lined, all the inner seams are covered and the stitchings are neat and clean. I especially like that the handles are well attached to the tote, sewn all the way down the side of the tote, which means the tote can actually carry some weight as its large size is intended. In fact, a lot of the time, the handles themselves and how well they are attached to the tote can become a deal breaker for me. I really hate a well made tote with the handles attached so flimsily with just one line of thread at the top. That just ruins the whole damn bag for me.

Showing how large the freebie tote is. 

Readers weighing in on the coordinates that will flatter different body heights. 

Outfits that will flatter every body height. The most key point is where the pants/skirts hem hit and the pants/skirts should be modified accordingly.

A panel of 3 weighing in on what they think it fall's hottest 2 items for different heights.

One pieces in different cuts.

Transitional pieces from summer to fall.

Before coming to Japan, I never thought of socks as a fashion statement. Yes, I wear stripey and printed socks, but not as a part of an outfit but more so to keep my feet warm underneath my jeans. So coming to Japan back in 2005 was a real eye opener for me as to how a pair of lacy, frilly, knee-highs, or thigh-highs that can pull together an entire outfit.

Skinny jeans what different hem lengths and what to pair with them.

Denim skirts.

A funny spread about the different types of boyfriends. 

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