Friday, March 23, 2012

Lavshuca Dual Prism Eyes Part II

While using Kate Dual Carats earlier in the year, I got nostalgic and went to hunt down some more of these Lavshuca Dual Prism Eyes, if there were any left since they were discontinued a couple of years ago. There was a particular color, PU-2, that I was curious about, but things were a little chaotic with my living (or rather moving) situation back then so it wasn't exactly my top priority get a hold of it. Luckily, I found it, along with another color I don't have, BR-1. I couldn't wait to play with these, but I actually haven't use either of them, only swatched, so this is just a preview post. 

BR-1 and PU-1. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

- BR-1: a lukewarm brown combo that I'm only lukewarm about. Ha. What can I say, it's kind of bland -.-' At the very least, it's unoffensive and suitable for work, and the color combo isn't as awkward as the other Dual Prism Eyes in that the base/highlighter is actually a light color and not too dark.

- Top: base/highlighter, semi metallic, low intensity. Pale marzipan.
- Bottom: crease/liner shade, satin, medium intensity. A cappuccino brown that looks taupey in the pan but swatched with a lot more chocolate on me. I haven't tried lining my eyes with it, but from the swatch I think it won't be dark enough for a liner color.

- PU-2: love this combo! Unlike PU-1 which paired a warm champagne with a true purple, this is a much cooler duo, though gorgeous all the same. Can't wait to wear this!

- Top: base/highlighter, shimmer, very sheer. Beautiful lavender.
- Bottom: crease/liner shade, shimmer, high intensity. A deep periwinkle with a bluish purple sheen.

BR-1 (left) and PU-2 (right)

See my previous Lavshuca Dual Prism Eyes post.

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