Monday, March 19, 2012

Canmake Powder Cheek Part II

I have been collecting these Canmake Powder Cheeks for a long time. I don't have all of the colors of course, but I have a lot of them. Unfortunately, they are also at home and the only ones I have are the 4 newest ones since I just bought them recently. I haven't used any of them yet, so this is just a preview post for PW25 Sugar Orange, PW26 Pink Holic, PW27 Baby Coral, and PW28 Sweet Coral

PW25 Sugar Orange and PW26 Pink Holic. All pictures taken in natural without flash.

PW27 Baby Coral and PW28 Sweet Coral

These are very well made drugstore blushes as they are decently pigmented in addition to being very finely milled and soft. Two out of these 4 colors have matte finish. Actually, the majority of these Powder Cheeks have virtually matte finish even if they appear shimmery when look under a direct source of light. So for those who are averse to shimmers, at least on the cheeks, these would be an excellent and affordable choice. In my opinion, the colors are all fresh and lively. Youthful, so to speak. I haven't seen a color that's, umm, on the mature side. They are unscented. 

- PW25 Sugar Orange: this has a satin finish with silver shimmers that aren't really visible. It appears orange in the pan but swatched more of a peachy orange.

- PW26 Pink Holic: this also has a satin finish. This swatched a bright cool pink with some fuchsia. Very pretty!

- PW27 Baby Coral: this has matte finish. And despite its name, it's definitely peach when swatched. However, do keep in mind that oranges and reds tend to turn peach and coral on me and they might very well be different on you.

- PW28 Sweet Coral: this one is also matte. It is a very pretty reddish pink coral.

From left to right: PW25 Sugar Orange, PW26 Pink Holic, PW27 Baby Coral, and PW28 Sweet Coral.

See my previous Canmake Powder Cheek post.


Pearl said...

Baby Coral and Sweet Coral look like they would be fabulous on your skin tone~

I'm not so familiar with cheek products, but I think Canmake would be a good place to start. Most people have positive things to say, and the colors often look great ^^

D. said...

Thanks ^.^ I do agree Canmake makes nice cheek products, and affordable too! That's the best part xD


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