Friday, March 16, 2012

Lancome Colour Dose Part II

These Lancome Colour Dose are very, very old, having been discontinued way back in 2008 (or was it 2007?)! But I do have a few tubes that are yet to be opened, Blue Hawaii, Spice Island, and Montego Beige, and so I figured I should play with them a bit before they turn into much and at least take a swatch picture ^.^ I'm shocked how fresh they still feel, actually. Crazy!

Blue Hawaii and Spice Island. These 3 pictures were taken indoor with flash.

Montego Beige.

I started collecting these back in 2008, right after they were discontinued and the full sized tubes were moved to the "Beauty Bye-Bye" section of Lancome USA's website (it's now called "Discontinued Items"). But I didn't want to buy the full sizes, especially when I didn't know how the color would work out on me, so instead I went for the GWP tubes. It's really too bad these were discontinued because they work really well for me. They're very blendable and dries to a budge proof finish on my oily lids, which is very impressive. Anyway, these are all I have left of them *sniff*

Blue Hawaii: a pearly denim blue with pink iridescent sheen. A very pretty color I'm not sure I would wear :P I like blues as a color, but they're tricky to wear for me because some just don't look very good on my eyes ^.^ This is the reason I haven't opened this tube for so long. Until now, that is.

- Spice Island: metallic taupe, a shade or two darker than Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour in Alloy with some brown thrown in. This color also scared me a bit and so I left it alone for quite some time ^.^

- Montego Beige: a satiny ecru, a tad more opaque but otherwise identical to Laura Mercier Satinee Creme Eye Colour in Ecru Silk.

From left to right: Blue Hawaii, Spice Island, Montego Beige, and Flamingo Coast.

See my previous Lancome Colour Dose post.


Unknown said...

so t hey are like paints i assume??? the color looks nice thhough, very pretty and pigmented


D. said...

Hi Jessy,

Well, paint for the eyes, if that's what you meant ^.^ They are really pretty and it's a pity they were discontinued :(


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