Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Visee Glam Glow Eyes

So after getting d*cked with the Visee x Smacky Glam Glam Glow Eyes limited edition palettes, perhaps karma took pity on me and gave me an even better story to tell about this Visee Eye Color and Liquid Eye Liner Sets from Don Quijote

Playing around with the limited edition palettes finally got me to think about the permanent line again, and I stopped by Don Quijote one afternoon after class to check out the testers one more time. That was when I saw these sets, each containing a deluxe 30mL sample jar of Fasio Oil Cleansing EX, a small 2.5mL tube of Fasio Mascara Easy Remover, a mini 70-sheet booklet of Kose Selecty Glitter Aburatorigami Oil Blotting Paper (retails 420yen), a Visee Glam Glow Eyes palette in either BR-3 or PK-1 (retails 1,680yen), and a full size Visee Liquid Eye Liner in BK001 (retails 1,050yen). Each set was priced at 1,964yen each with actual retail value at 3,150yen, not counting the cleansing oil and mascara remover samples, and of course I had to grab at least one. The question was which, BR-3 or PK-1, or both. 

Playing around with the testers some more, I decided that the liner color in PK-1, a warm milk chocolate brown, was just too warm on me. Mind you, that was just a few weeks after the Visee Glam Nude Eyes N-2 Pink Beige let down and I was extremely wary of pink browns at that point. So naturally, I picked up BR-3 and went to the check out counter. The guy there rang me up, scanned the UPC codes on the back, pressed a few keys on his register and the total came out to -wait for it- 788yen. My first reaction was, "はい?" As in, "Huh?" Then I pointed to the neon yellow sticker taped across the whole package with the price written in big bold red marker. It says as clear as day, 1,964yen. So I asked him, probably very rudely (it's extremely easy, at least for me, to come off like an un-cultured barbarian in Japanese, even though actual words of profanity are quite few in the language, don't ask me how, hubby does a much better, and hilarious, job of explaining), "Isn't it 1,964 yen?" He nods, then proceeded to unleash a barrage of lightning speed Japanese that I could barely grasp the gist of, basically, "Yes, but that's an old price and these are on clearance," or something along that line. I think

Visee Eye Color and Liquid Eye Liner Set from left to right: Fasio Oil Cleansing EX 30 mL, Fasio Mascara Easy Remover 2.5mL, Kose Selecty Glitter Aburatorigami Oil Blotting Paper, Visee Glam Glow Eyes palette BR-3, and Visee Liquid Liner in BK001.

Anyway, I wasn't about to argue with the check out guy, first and foremost because I don't know how, at least not civilly in the eyes of an average Japanese person. So I just shut up and paid. Leaving the store, I took the set out and scrutinized whatever that was on the back of the package. There were several UPC codes that the guy scanned, but nothing else that would indicate the set being on clearance, and trust me it's usually very apparent as they would cross out the price or tape over it with the new clearance price. I'm pretty sure the check out dude was just plain wrong, and I got away with paying only 788yen for the 1,964yen set! How crazy is that? In the scheme of things, this was laughably trivial, but I still felt like a thief. I guess this is what people meant when they say, "It was a steal!" 

I finally got around to using this palette recently, and it confirms my suspicion that the dry cream and damp powder texture weren't just unique to the Smacky Glam limited edition palettes. This whole line is like that! And the neat thing is that when swatching them with my fingers, the eye shadows don't feel that significantly different, but dipping into them with a brush, the dryness/dampness is immediately apparent, which I think is pretty cool ^.^ 

- BR-3: the colors in this palette look warmer in than they do on me. On me, they turn more neutral, thank goodness! I'm happy I went with this palette instead of the PK-1.

- Lower left: cream liner, high shimmer, low intensity. A translucent ivory with gold sparkles.
- Upper left: base and highlighter, semi metallic, low intensity. A golden champagne.
- Upper right: medium crease shade, semi metallic, medium intensity. A burnish golden bronze that appears to have some copper when swatched but turns out to be more similar to the medium crease shade in Kate Diamond Cut Eyes GD-1 Gold Diamond, going on my lids with more brown. Love it!
- Lower right: liner shade, shimmer, high intensity. A very pigmented dark chocolate brown.

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