Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Castledew Diacut Cheek Part II

This #902 Jewel Highlight is the second of the Castledew Diacut Cheek lineup that also includes #901 Planet Love Dia that I had review a couple of years ago. I actually held out on getting this highlighter for the longest time, a couple of years actually. I was thinking that if it is anything like the baked 9-colored #901 Planet Love Dia, all the color would be either metallic pearl or metallic, or a mix of both, and as a whole, it would be way too frosty for a highlighter. 

But in the end, I gave in :P I love the #901 Planet Love Dia, and I use it for both my cheeks as well as my eyes. So I figured if I can't use this #902 Jewel Highlight to, well, highlight, at least I can use it as eye shadows. Yes, all 9 colors are light and can only be used as base or highlighter, but I'd still rather have it than not.  

Castledew Diacut Cheek #902 Jewel Highlight. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

This highlighter comes in the same princessy compact as the #901 Planet Love Dia, only in a pearly white color, very fitting for a highlighter I'd say. It does include a mirror and a brush, but the brush is kind of crappy and I use my own brushes anyway so I don't really care.

Other than that, I was right on all counts. These are baked and all 9 colors have metallic pearl finish. And yes, they are way too damn frosty for a highlighter, but hell, they're gorgeous ^.^ Because they're baked, they're dry and not the softest when touched, but they are pigmented and swatched true to how they appear in the pan, despite being all light colors. This is actually more impressive than it sounds, because too often lighter colors will look different in the pan but swatch indistinguishable. So to have 9 light colors swatched true to their appearance is rather an accomplished feat, so I'll give them that.

Top row, left to right:
- Jewel White: metallic pearl white.
- Jewel Light Pink: cooler metallic pearl pink, a very close color to the Jewel White.
- Jewel Light Gold: metallic pearl champagne gold.
Middle row, left to right:
- Jewel Green: metallic pearl sea foam green with a green iridescent sheen.
- Jewel Pink: metallic pearl princess pink.
- Jewel Gold: metallic pearl champagne gold, slightly darker than the Jewel Light Gold above.
Bottom row, left to right:
- Jewel Ocean: metallic pearl baby blue with a slight bluish purple iridescent sheen.
- Jewel Violet: metallic pearl, appears more lilac and not so much violet to me. What do you think?
- Jewel Beige: metallic pearl beige, goes on me with some peach.

See my previous Castledew Diacut Cheek post.


Unknown said...

Too bad it's so frosty, but very pretty nonetheless =)

D. said...

Hi Mary in Wonder,

It is too frosty for highlighting purposes, but it's great as eye shadows. But I guess 9 colors are a lot of choices for just base and highlighter eye colors ^.^

Thanks for reading!

Unknown said...

Hey D.!

But you can also use them for some serious snow queen makeup for special occasion too :)

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