Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More January 2012

It's February already?!? That means I'm behind on my magazine posts T.T

Here's More January 2012 issue that comes with a set of Gelato Pique pouch and tissue holder, and a 2012 calendar.

The pouch and tissue holder set comes in an understated pink, white, and lavender flower print on whisper pink background. The pouch measures 14(height) x 18.5(length) x 6(width) cm and the tissue holder measures 9.3(height) x 12.5(length) cm. 

Both are made of laminated polyester with the outer side being satin-like both by appearance as well as by the touch, while the inner side is laminated. They feel thick and well made.

The big pouch is lined with a silvery lilac polyester fabric with matching zipper. All inner seams are covered with even and clean stitching, overall good craftsmanship. The tissue holder is not lined and the inner seams are not covered, but I don't really mind this so much since it's just to hold tissues. 

The calendar is one of those desk-top flipping calendar. Nothing special, but nice to have.

The covergirl is the ever-popular Rinka, who has just given birth to a baby boy (I think...). If you haven't noticed, she still had the baby bump in the cover photo. Check out her official blog to see lots of baby pics ^.^

Anyway, the rest of the magazine is unfortunately meh, with shopping, shopping, and more shopping. Some times it makes me wonder how is it that people complain about the Japanese economy being in a slump for the past 2 decades, because all I see around me is crazy shopping!

2000 people voting on the best winter coordinates.

25 days of coordinates on 2 models.

The charcoal versus black turtlenecks.


Anonymous said...

Hi :)

Yes, Rinka just gave birth to a baby and I've read that she almost died during the labour.

I miss reading thick magazine with the omake (freebies)! I wish magazines here are like that too :(

D. said...

Hi Aya(?),

Wow, I didn't know that! Glad she's healthy and happy now. At least it seems that way from the photos on her blog ^.^

Thanks for reading!

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