Friday, January 27, 2012

Kiss Kiss My Eyes Glamorize Shadow Part II

After my initial excitement with the Kiss Kiss My Eyes Glamorize Shadows, I came back to Plaza in high spirit for one of the newest released palettes 05 Bordeaux Beige BE-2 (there is yet a new release, another 06 Pink Beige palette!). In fact, I had so much confident in this palette that I didn't bother swatching the tester!

Well, big mistake. I really should have played with the tester, because then I would see that all the colors in this palette, while looking more neutral in the pan, would actually turn very warm and reddish on me T.T The funny thing is that they don't make me look terrible, just terri-fying +.+ Keeping up with my nicknames for these palettes, the 02 Chocolate Brown BR-1 is the go-getter, the 03 Pink Beige PK-1 is the girl next door (yes, there are 2 Pink Beige palettes, 03 and now with 06), the 04 Wine Brown WN-1 is the femme fatale, which is already pushing the OL envelope, this 05 Bordeaux Beige BE-2 definitely crashes the scale in the opposite direction of the OL spectrum, and I humbly call it the [more brownish version of] Lady Vengeance. Umm, eeeps?!? 
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In all honesty, I look totally badass with these eye shadows on and I would so wear it everyday, just that my definition of a nice morning doesn't involve scaring the crap out of a train full of people O.o So yeah, if the femme fatale is bullying you at the office, this Lady Vengeance palette should make a strong enough statement to get her to back the hell off and keep within five feet away from you at all times ^.^ But other than the obvious downers in the form of a death glare, this palette is just as silky soft in texture and equally pigmented, if not even more so, than the other 4 palettes in the line.

The colors don't look so bad in the pan, do they?
- Left: medium crease shade, shimmer, medium intensity. Appears a fleshy pink beige in the pan, swatched more of a peach with red undertones, and goes on me with a lot more red, almost rusty!
- Middle: base and highlighter, shimmer, medium intensity. A very pale powder pink that is on the cooler side, which totally clashes with the warmer red tones of the other 3 colors in the palettes, which doesn't help my case at all -.-' Also, this color is has the most shimmers out of all the base and highlighter colors in the other palettes.
- Right: medium crease shade, luminous, high intensity. Appears plummy in the pan, swatched a browned red with some plum, and goes on me a potent faded old blood stain color +.+ Sigh.
- Bottom: liner shade, satin, high intensity. Appears a deep plum in the pan, swatched a deep maroon, but goes on me a rustier reddish brown.

See my previous Kiss Kiss My Eyes Glamorize Shadow post.


kuri said...

glad the quality of the palettes didn't let you down - that's too bad about the reddish tone!

Maybe a cool base could tone down the redness? It's a bit of a pain, but I use a silvery blue base to try to use up some of my too-warm shadows. I should just give up and throw those shadows away, but I can't bring myself to yet :P

D. said...

Hi kuri!

Yeah...I will definitely swatch the newest 06 Pink Beige palette before buying this time... -.-'

The base that comes with this palette is actually a cooler powder pink, but may be I'll try an even cooler base as you suggested. On a day when I'm lounging at home though, definitely xD I think I really freaked people out stepping out with those shadows on...


kuri said...

heh, yeah. experimentation is best left to days off!
I'm sure it wasn't too bad; after all your clothes are normal! most people are just hurrying to work anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I am a new subscriber.

I got so excited when I found your blog and saw the post talking about PLAZA! I was born and grew up in Tokyo and used to drop by Sony Plaza (they later changed the name to Plaza) almost everyday after high school :) I love love love that place. Now that I live in Canada, I am looking forward to your posts about the pretty Japanese products!


D. said...

Hi kuri,

haha well, even if it was bad, it's not like I'd be able to tell from people's faces anyway. The folks here have such poker faces LOL!


D. said...

Hi Aya,

Thank you for reading and subscribing ^.^

I like Plaza too and I love going there to ogle all the pretty things on display. I consider that place a danger zone, because every time I go there my piggy bank faces the threat of breaking xD


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