Thursday, January 5, 2012

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Shadow Pencil Stash

Been curious about this Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Shadow Pencil Stash set ever since I spotted it online at Sephora's. But then I don't have much experience with Urban Decay at all other than the unfortunately named Pocket Rocket (urgh), so I refrained.  

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Then over the holidays, I had a chance to take a peek at a nearby Sephora store and played with the testers. I didn't think much and just swiped a few on the back of my hand. By the time I finished looking at the swatches, I simply wiped them off with my fingers like I did with all the other test swatches. And nope, they didn't budge. At all. I thought I must have not rubbed hard enough, so I tried again. Nope, still didn't budge. I tried again, this time with a dry tissue. Nope, still freshly there. Finally, I chased down somebody and asked for some makeup remover and the swatches finally came off. Needless to say, the set was promptly sold ^.^

I haven't used this set yet but have only played around with them. Even so, I'm glad I bought it. I like all the colors with the exemption of that bright neon blue (Clash) that I think I will never wear. My favorites are the deep purple (Delinquent) and the chocolate (Rehab), the latter of which I have designated as the liner for the Kiss Kiss My Eyes Glamorize Shadow 03 Pink Beige PK-1. Although these are called shadow pencils, I'm actually kind of iffy whether they can be blended as eye shadows at all because of their quick drying, non-smudging or budging nature. I'm going to have to do a test run at home first, just in case I end up with a mess like the time I tried to blend the Physicians Formula Gel CreamLiner as shadows.

- Delinquent: I bought the set for this deep bluish purple color but ended up liking the others too ^.^ I do wish it was more shimmery or metallic as it is a tad flat, but the color is gorgeous nonetheless.

- Rehab: the descriptions online at Sephora couldn't be more off with some of these pencils. It says this color is "taupe"! Seriously, folks, which part of this chocolate brown is taupe to you? Am I colorblind or what?

- Juju: this color is exclusive to the set and is not available online or at the Sephora stores. Again the description online at Sephora says "frosted taupe" but is too warm to be taupe in my opinion. To me it's more of a milky coffee and I'd call it a beige brown at best. 

- Sin: they call it "champagne," I say it's a peachy nude skin color :P

- Clash: wow, this color is very appropriately named. Again, Sephora says it's "bright turquoise with silver sparkles," but to me it's a bright neon blue with very fine silver shimmers that doesn't really sparkle at all. I wish it sparkled, really! And there's not enough green in it to be turquoise. Actually, there's no green in it at all!

From left to right: Delinquent, Rehab, Juju, Sin, and Clash. Gotta love that purple! In the right picture, I   had rubbed the swatches vigorously with, not facial tissue, but paper towel. Paper towel, folks!


Unknown said...

i bought these too~~~lol..they were on sale at my local sephora fo i think 24 i thought they are good deal..also ive heard so much good thing about these things. The blue is actually my favorite

great review btw~~~


D. said...

Hi Jessy,

Thanks for reading ^.^

Haha you are certainly a lot braver than I am! Have you worn that color yet? Did you take a FOTD picture? Perhaps your picture will give me some encouragement!


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