Saturday, April 23, 2011

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket

This mini Urban Decay Pocket Rocket is from the Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lips set. I really love sets like this one because not only it's travel friendly, I can sample a variety of different items from a range of brands that I'm unfamiliar with. And precisely because I'm unfamiliar with these brands that I'm not willing to buy a full size item, lest I hate it and get stuck with it.

All pictures taken indoor with flash, unless otherwise noted.

That said, a lot of times these Sephora sets are sort of junky, which makes this particular set very special because I actually wanted to try the majority of the items in it, with the exception of the Laura Mercier Lip Gloss, but only because it looks really pigmented like a liquid lipstick and I'm not so keen on that. This set includes mini sample sizes of Benefit Cosmetics Posietint Poppy Pink, Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss Pout, Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Doug (review below, after disclaimer), Laura Mercier Lip Glace Rose, the already reviewed Tarte Double Ended Lip Gloss Danny-SandyBuxom Full-On Lip Polish Diamond April, and a full size Korres Mango Butter Lipstick SPF10 14 Pink (middle, will review next).

From left to right: Benefit Cosmetics Posietint Poppy Pink, Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss Pout, Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Doug, Korres Mango Butter Lipstick SPF10 14 Pink, Laura Mercier Lip Glace Rose, Tarte Double Ended Lip Gloss Danny-Sandy, and Buxom Full-On Lip Polish Diamond April.

So..., Urban Decay Pocket Rocket. Let's clear the air first, shall we? This lip gloss has been called a novelty item, because the full size item is in a flat tube so that it can fit well into your pant (trouser) pocket, hence Pocket Rocket. Its flat twist off cap applicator has a picture of a guy on both sides, front side on one and back side on the other. It's basically a simple hologram of a guy with and without clothes depends on how you tilt the tube. And the name of the guy is the name of the lip gloss. How very novel. What, sex sells? No way!

***Disclaimer: the below discussion is rated R with vulgar and explicit contents. Do not read if you're easily offended.***

For some inexplicable reason, this "novelty item" irks me. Either Urban Decay is picking pre-teen or tween girls as their target demographic or their marketing research department...umm...missed a few memos. I've got to start with that name. "Rocket" is slang for "penis," you know that right, Urban Decay? When a guy says he's got a pocket rocket, it means he's got an erection in public. Now thanks to Urban Decay, us gals have pocket rockets too! And they're flat so they'll fit nicely into our pockets, *tosses hair* yay! Actually, I'm surprised they stopped short of making that lip gloss tube into the shape of a penis altogether! Oooh, what if they turn it into a tag team double-ended vibrator-lip gloss? Now that would truly be a pocket rocket. Two birds with one stone, no pun intended. Ka-ching, show me the money! (Still no pun intended)

Got enough imagery? No? Keep reading then. Okay, so I've got a Pocket Rocket, and his name is Doug. His packaging seems to be of a black dude, but I believe he's more of a lotus pink, a cooler pink with lots of violets. And boy is he sweet, to the Urban Decay's website, he should taste like creme brulee, but I think he tastes more like sweet coconut vanilla, *smacks lips* yummy!

I think you get the gist. I don't have a problem with a lip gloss color taking a masculine name, but I do have a problem with a lip gloss so aptly named Pocket Rocket with male names as colors. Urban Decay sure knows how to be subtle. Yeah, yeah, they're just being playful, after all Nars named some of its most famous blushes after sex acts. Except for one difference: Nars blushes promises to part a certain post coital "glow" on you, where as Urban Decay's Pocket Rocket makes me think that behind their marketing research department is a bunch of teenage-cum-frat-boys giggling away (and perhaps launching their pocket rockets) at the fantasy of the pretty blond intern next door slathering their brainchild all over her lips, licking it all up, and repeat. Urgh *vomits*. Grow up Urban Decay. There's a difference between sexist and sexy. Degrading the other sex is not sexy, it's just sexist. At the very least consult your wise elder, aka the Urban Dictionary, prior to coming up with dick jokes as product names. That is, unless you enjoy seeing your targeted demographic falling for the punch line.

Another more PG-13 theory I have for such a repulsive name for a lip gloss is that "rocket" is also a slang for "a hot guy/gal." Sounds much better, no? But then it wouldn't fit with the whole "pocket rocket" idea. A guy is so hot you want to hit town with him, and therefore a "pocket rocket" so you can take your hottie in your pocket wherever you want to go? Not quite. If I had a "rocket" that hot I'd flaunt him in my arm and not in my pocket. So my first theory stands. And yes, I'm in a snippy mood, or to put it more bluntly, stupid names like Pocket Rocket really rub me the wrong way, yet still no pun intended. Har. Har. Har.

***Disclaimer ends.***

Okay, now for the *real* review for the actual lip gloss. I will never ever buy the full size of this gloss (its dumb name ticks me off too much), but the gloss itself is not too bad :P As mentioned above, the color is a lotus pink, a cool pink with lots of violets, though on my lips, it turns more hot pink than violet.

The below 2 pictures taken in natural light without flash. 

The formula is better than average, not sticky, non-drying (thought only somewhat moisturizing), and has good lasting power. It's the texture of the gloss that I find interesting. Upon application, as with any lip gloss I usually press my lips to smooth and even things out. When I do the same after applying this gloss, it gives my lips a distinct "bouncy" sensation. This bounciness reminds me of Pop Beauty Ribbon Gloss, only the Ribbon Gloss feels bouncy to the touch and not on my lips. What I really don't like, aside from the name of course, is that the gloss has a taste, and yes, it is sweet. Yuck.


Citrine said...

Dalenna...I think I just learned a new word for...urgh...yeah. I actually didn't get offended because I didn't know that "rocket" is one of them as well. I mean,I get "canon" but isn't "rocket" a bit too arrogant?

D. said...

Hey Citrine,

Well, I think the other sex doesn't mind arrogance too much ^.^ I still think Urban Decay is stupid.


Kit Katrina said...

lol I love this glosses! (Eric and David are my favorites) And about the name... I think it just means "pocket hot guy" and thats all :D

Anyways, what I hate the most is that after some time all the gloss starts coming out and being very nasty!! Ok, they tried to come up with an original package but can't it be well made??? Eww.

D. said...

Hi Lorena,

Ha, you just gave me one more reason *not* to ever buy these glosses - they leak ^.^


Athena said...

ugh! That is disgusting. :(

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