Sunday, April 17, 2011

Origin Bento Part II

In my humblest opinion, this Stamina Kimchee Galbi Bento is another hit from Origin Bento. Hubby and I ate an ungodly amount of these bentos in late February when we moved apartments, but even then I never got sick of it. It was that yummy!

Basically, it's beef with onions, garlic sprouts, and kimchee. And delicious!!! Too bad Origin Bento no longer offers it. It was supposed to be a limited item that made it onto the permanent menu. Then after the big earthquake they did away with both this Stamina Kimchee Galbi Bento as well as their last winter hit, the Sukiyaki Bento. I'm not sure why, but I sure can't wait until they either bring both items back to the menu or introduce something else similar.

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