Friday, April 22, 2011

L'Occitane Honey & Lemon Delightful Cream

Among other nice L'Occitane promotions was this Delicate Embrace Set, which was free with a purchase of $60-65+ I think. Either way, the set itself was $36 and includes 2.5 oz. each of Plum Blossom Skin Moisture Gel and Plum Blossom Polishing Shower Gel, neither of which I have tried before, a 1 oz. Cherry Blossom Hand Cream (my favorite!), and a 1.7 oz. Cherry Blossom Soap, which I don't have and must get my hands on!

A Delicate Embrace Set

From left to right: Plum Blossom Skin Moisture Gel, Plum Blossom Polishing Shower Gel, Cherry Blossom Hand Cream, and Cherry Blossom Soap.

What a wonderful excuse for me to finally get what I've been eyeing - the Blossoming Embrace Set, the French Travel Treasures, and the actual subject of today's review, the Honey & Lemon Delightful Cream.

There was a deal within a deal with this Blossoming Embrace Set. It was $25, but if you buy two, you get the 2nd one for 40% off. So I bought two for $40, less than the retail value of one, considering one is worth $44! It comes in a beautiful fabric pouch and includes a 1 oz. Shea Hand Cream (retails $10), a 0.33 oz. Plum Blossom Roll-on Eau de Toilette Intense ($16), Plum Blossom Lip Gloss ($12), and a 4.4 oz. Rose Bonne Mere Soap ($6).

A Blossoming Embrace Set

From left to right: Plum Blossom Roll-on Eau de Toilette Intense, Plum Blossom Lip Gloss, Shea Hand Cream, and Rose Bonne Mere Soap.

The French Travel Treasures Set is much harder for me to quantify, because L'Occitane no longer has this set for sale. To make matter worse, many of the travel size items included in this set are also longer available. All I know is that the set was $44 but I got it for half price at $22. And for $22, I got a boat load of stuff, mostly new things I haven't tried before and I'm a sucker novelty.

This set includes 1 oz. each of Verbena Shampoo, Verbena Conditioner, Verbena Shower Gel, Verbena Body Lotion, Citrus Verbena Shampoo, Citrus Verbena Conditioner, Ruban d'Orange Sunny Shower, Ruban d'Orange Soft Skin Milk, Aromachologie Shampoo, Aromachologie Conditioner, Aromachologie Revitalizing Shower Gel, Aromachologie Relaxing Body Lotion, a 1.7 oz. each of Shea Extra Gentle Soap Milk, Verbena Leaf Soap, and a 1.16 oz. Aromachologie Effervescent Revitilizing Sugar Cube. In short, it has a bunch of stuff!

Anyway, I've only used the Verbena Body Lotion and Shower Gel, as well as the Shea Extra Gentle Soap Milk and Verbena Leaf Soap, even though I never reviewed them. Yah, I forgot...

French Travel Treasures Set
- Top row, left to right: Verbena Shampoo, Verbena Conditioner, Citrus Verbena Shampoo, Citrus Verbena Conditioner, Aromachologie Shampoo, and Aromachologie Conditioner.
- Middle row, left to right: Verbena Shower Gel, Verbena Body Lotion, Ruban d'Orange Sunny Shower, Ruban d'Orange Soft Skin Milk, Aromachologie Revitalizing Shower Gel, and Aromachologie Relaxing Body Lotion.
- Bottom row, left to right: 1.7 oz. Shea Extra Gentle Soap Milk, Verbena Leaf Soap, and Aromachologie Effervescent Revitilizing Sugar Cube (what a long-winded name!).

Anyways, during that little spree I also saw this 2.6 oz. jar of L'Occitane Honey & Lemon Delightful Cream on sale for a ridiculous $5 (the full size 8.8 oz. is $36) so I thought, oh hell, I'll give it a try. I'm really glad I did, because it turns out I like this cream, and turns out it's being discontinued too! Is it me or whenever I like something, it gets discontinued?

***Picture from L'Occitane USA.

This is a multi-purpose cream that can be used on face and body, and when a product that's supposedly can be used for both, I use it only on my body because it's usually too harsh/thick/oily for my face. There has been only two exception I've experienced so far, and by exception I really mean the opposite. In these two cases, the product was perfect for my facial skin but was too thick and oily for the rest of my body. Go figure. The first of these two cases was Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream, my go to winter cream when what I'm using isn't working and I'm bored with everything else. The second is this Honey & Lemon Delightful Cream.

Honey & Lemon Delightful Cream 2.6 oz.

For my face, I found this Honey & Lemon Delightful Cream thick and wonderfully moisturizing but at the same time non-greasy and absorbs fairly quickly. It doesn't turn my face all oily and shiny in the morning, which is great. Now the scent was what I had to get used to. To be fair, it smells much better than the Honey & Lemon Hand Cream. No, it doesn't smell any different, just much less dripping with honey and has more of a powdery fragrant to it, which makes it more tolerable. That said, it's still a little strong for my taste. Usually with face creams, the scent goes away quickly after application but let me tell you, I wake up in the morning and my pillow smells like this stuff. Yeah, strong and lasting fragrance. A killer combo. Wee! But I like it a lot, so that tells you how well the cream is working for me.


Melanie M said...

I love L'Occitane! My fav products are the Ultra Comforting Cream (the best facial moisturizer ever) and the Ultra Comforting Cleansing Milk. Normally I would consider L'Occitane way too expensive, but luckily there is a huge outlet where I live. So I just buy the travel size of the products I like, because it ends up being way cheaper that way. I don't know if I could really justify spending $36 on a mere 1oz of moisturizer, but at the outlet it ends up being about $24.

D. said...

Hi Melanie,

I've got to try the Ultra Comforting Cream and Cleansing Milk sometimes. You make me curious ^.^ I do think L'Occitane products are way overpriced, so I always wait for a good promotion to stock up. I guess it's a good thing I don't live near an outlet :X


kuri said...

I quite like the plum blossom fragrance, the ruban d'orange, and the honey + lemon scents! I've never bought any of the products though because of the markup in Tokyo :P sorry to hear that the products are being discontinued!

D. said...

Hi Kuri,

Yeah, I'm sorry they're being discontinued too. I really like the Ruban d'Orange too :(

Yeah, every time I walk by a L'Occitane boutique here I get the shivers. If you ever visit the US or vacation in Hawaii you should stock up on a good promotion ^.^

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