Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pop Beauty Mini Ribbon Gloss

Other than the Ribbon Gloss, it's safe to say I'm not really into Pop Beauty. Have nothing against the brand, just that I don't really find any of its items interesting. Yes, even the Neon Lids, not even the kits.

So why the Ribbon Gloss? Well, I actually don't like the full size version because it has 5 color stripes, some with fussy shimmers I don't really want to bother with. This mini one in the color combination Poppy Red though, has three bright and beautifully translucent red, orange, and bubblegum pink! Needless to say, I had to have it :D And for only $10, it wasn't so bad.

Anyhoo, the gloss was very, very thin. It felt like a light but moisturizing and non-waxy lip balm, thanks to the jojoba oil in the ingredients. Too bad it didn't last as long as I was hoping it would. I even liked the smell too! It was supposed to be vanilla but I think it smelled more like coconut. All that aside, the biggest brownie point for me with this gloss was its surprise pigment punch. It was like a bright sheer stain, absolutely not opaque or cakey. Especially that red color, try patting it on top of good old chapstick! The pink is lovely by itself, not tweeny at all, and the orange is very good lightening up my darker lipsticks and glosses. I guess I like this gloss a lot more than expected to. Now, if they would just come up with a longer lasting formula, I would definitely buy the full size version!

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