Sunday, September 14, 2008

Maquillage Glossy Gloss Part II

This review is for Maquillage Glossy Gloss #74. It has 3 layers, a pigmented peach-toned brick red bottommost layer, a peachy beige middle layer, and a sheer top layer with silver shimmers. When mixed, it becomes a pretty translucent peach that brings out my natural lip colors. It has the same slight fruity scent as #72.

Now a bit of a complaint. Because #74 actually has some colors, I had a hard time getting to the more pigmented gloss at the bottom. Well, not that the spatula applicator can't get to the bottommost layer, it can, but by the time I pull the applicator through the stopper at mouth of the tube, most of the pigmented gloss was already lost to the middle and the top layer. No matter how hard I tried, I'd always end up with no more than a tiny bit of color, grrr...

My theory is that the most pigmented is also the most dense, so it has to be on the bottom to prevent the three layers mixing, perhaps because the more dense layer collapses down on top of the less dense layer? Just a guess though, I'm no physicist. I just wish they'd come up with a spatula applicator with more of a grip, may be a fuzzy side instead of both side being smooth?

See my previous Maquillage Glossy Gloss post.


Usagi Chan said...

This is my first time dropping by your blog ^-^I love it, so keep up the good work!
The Maquillage gloss looks so pretty (*-*) I always thought that actually, the three layers were painted in the bottle or something *LoL!* Because all the similar glosses I've had ended with mixed layers. Anyway, it looks like a very nice peach shade.

D. said...

Hi thepunkcat!

Thank you for visiting :D

Sorry I've been lagging behind with my posts but I'll catch up soon :)

The Maquillage gloss is beautiful to look at, and while it come in 3 distinct colors, it does get mixed but a bit once you started using. It's very pretty that I'm afraid to use it sometimes cause I didn't want to mess up the color layers LOL

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