Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bonne Bell Rolly Lip Smacker

I was never a fan of Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. The flavors they have are neat and unique, but the stuff itself is mushy and oily and doesn't last at all. I remember slathering these on during middle school and they'd disappear after a few minutes. May be I used to talk a lot or something...Still do... ^.^

BUT, on a whim I bought these Bonne Bell Rolly Lip Smackers after spotting them at my local grocery store :P Did I tell you I have a thing for roller ball stuff? Yes, I do! I got the Strawberry and Cotton Candy combo, and while the other ones looked interesting too I decided I ought to stick to just this one for now.

The glosses go on light and glossy, and no taste, thank god! If I remember correctly, the majority of, if not all, the roller ball lip glosses I've tried in the past were sugary sweet, including these Avon Roller Ball Lip Glosses, and lucky me these Bonne Bell aren't one (er...two) of them. If I wanted candy, I wouldn't have bought lip glosses, sheesh! The bad thing is though, again, these glosses didn't last on me, although I do admit they stayed on my lips longer than expected. I was thinking they'd be like the Lip Smackers in the twist up tubes, but they surpassed my expectations, which weren't much to begin with.

Strawberry is a clear reddish pink, strawberry flavor, of course. Goes on clear with just hint of a red for juicy lips.

Cotton Candy is a very shimmery princess pink. It did not turn frosty on me - phew! - but turned a rather translucent shimmery gloss. It was pretty.

Anyways, my conclusion is these Bonne Bell Rolly Lip Smackers are neat and fun stuff, but if you want a real lip gloss, save your few bucks for a Lancome Juicy Tube or even better, the Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Soothing Lip Balm - a balm that can double as a gloss on top of lipstick - my all time favorite cannot-live-without lipbalm!


Citrine said...

Cute! I have a fatter version of this with plastic ball, it's so much fun to play with and seriously all I need is a bit of sheen and fruity scent , lasting powder in lip gloss doesn't matter much for me since I will eat it away before I know it...

I passed by the ones(I like the one in green) you are reviewing here several times but didn't buy them because I thought they were too expensive (5.19 for two...who need two anyway.)gosh I am so cheap...

Anyway...For my entire 4 years high school(I didn't get a job myself so BoBel are among the few brands I could buy without feeling guilty) I've used like 4,5 of those for these years(finished using 80% of each since it was difficult to get the last bit out and by that time, the tubes were almost at near death condition after being squashed in my pencil case...) I remember my favorite ones were a roller-gloss has a skinny tube with a conic base, and a doe-footer clear gloss with some glitter than never really show. but too bad I can't find them anymore (maybe because I was in Canada back then)

After all those lip gloss I have, I just found out that my favorite is the ones with pretty colors that don't show...


D. said...

Hi Citrine!

I wouldn't have cared either, except for the fact that lips are dry all the time. May be I'm dehydrated or addicted to lipbalms...

Nah, I wouldn't necessarily say you're cheap. I thought the same too when I paid $5.20 for these two. They're so tiny, and I wasn't expecting much from them to begin with. It was sort of like, "What am I doing spending money on something I know I won't like?" :D

Same here! My favorite lip glosses are the simple ones with colors but don't show much when applied. In my opinion, glosses are meant to be translucent.

Cool, didn't know you were from Canada! Can hardly tell the difference now! :P *nudge*nudge* LOL

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