Friday, April 11, 2014

Coffret D'Or AA Aqua Rouge

Even more impulse buys in the form of Coffret D'Or AA Aqua Rouge ^.^ These are also old and discontinued and Coffret D'Or no longer makes them, which is perfect time for me to try them -.-' I know, I'm always super late to game, which is why I gave up on keeping up a long time ago. Ha.

Anyway, I chose the colors BE-189, OR-105, PK-246, and PK-248. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I said this before but I'll say it again, there was a damn good reason I stayed far far away from Japanese brand lipsticks - most of the formulas, textures, and finishes are lovely and the standard color offerings are all so freakin' wearable they make buying just one or two extremely hard. That's to say these AA Aqua Rouge are really nice, pretty much a slightly, very slightly, thinner version of Lavshuca Moist Melting Rouge!

These AA Aqua Rouge are unscented and do not have any taste. They apply smoothly, soft, and buttery, leaving a glossy sheen, like gloss in a lipstick tube. These lipsticks are so soft I can only twist up just enough for one application each time or I'll risk some breakage. And they are so moisturizing I don't need any balm underneath and they'll keep my lips soft and moist for hours, just like the Moist Melting Rouge.

Two of the colors (BE-189 and PK-248) have slight opacity but are still sheer enough to be layered and still be perfectly wearable during daytime. The other two (OR-105 and PK-246) are translucent and sheer and are pretty much my go to colors for daytime wear. These lipsticks are housed in square mirror-like metal tubes with a transparent pink plastic "belt." They're not as thin and sleek as the Full Memory Rouge, but they do close tighter and more secure. And they're nowhere near the thick and bulk clubs that are Lancome Rouge in Love. I guess in a way, I'm super glad I'm late to the game with these, because I, or rather my pockets, would be in so much trouble otherwise! :X

- BE-189: a nudish peachy coral that's a perfect perfect my-lips-but-better color with a glossy finish. It has micro shimmers that don't show at all. The color matches my natural lip color very well, so well that despite having some opacity and swatched with some decent pigmentation, I can't really see it on my lips, except for that they look prettier and glossier, and more moisturized than usual, of course ^.^

- OR-105: a sheer and translucent peachy orange with silver shimmers that give a wet glossy shine. One of my favorite of the bunch, second to PK-246 below.

- PK-246: also sheer and translucent carnation pink with multi-colored shimmers that, like the OR-105 above, give a wet glossy shine. It's my favorite color and the sheerest one of the bunch! I love the fresh pink on my lips with this lipstick, and the fact that it allows some of my natural lip color to show through.

- PK-248: a lovely warm pink with some coral tone and micro shimmers that again don't show at all. Like BE-189 this color also has some opacity to it, and although the swatch looks sheer and translucent it shows up well on my lips with just 2 layers.

From left to right: BE-189, OR-105, PK-246, and PK-248. Swatches have been layered a couple of times.

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