Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Integrate Sakura Drop Essence

If Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheek were impulse buys, these Integrate Sakura Drop Essence were worse - they were shopping basket fillers, especially when I have plenty of lip balms and treatments already. Two colors are available, Sakura (non-SPF) and Sakuranbo SPF18 PA++. I have both colors and you know what, I'm really glad I picked these up and I will probably repurchase when I run out!

Sakura (white tube) and Sakuranbo (red tube). All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I think I might have found a Shiseido incarnation of my beloved Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Soothing Lip Balm! Of course it's not an identical dup. Instead of the VS balms' peppermint scent and tingling sensation from the peppermint oil, these Sakura Drop Essences have more of a faint menthol/medicated scent (think Vaseline and Carmex) and no tingling effect at all. But other than that, the thick and super smooth but not sticky at all texture, the super moisturizing and long lasting formula, and the glossier than lip gloss finish are identical with the VS balms.

You think I'd be doing the happy dance right now but actually I'm not - these Sakura Drop Essences are kind of pricey at JPY864 (I got mine for $10.50 each from AB) for a 7g tube! To be fair, that's less than half price and almost twice the amount of products than the Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment, but still that's $10.50+ for a tube of lip balm, how am I suppose to hoard at that price?!? So to date, the VS balms are still the best formula and best pricing, $7 for a 17g tin pot! Not to mention the constant promotions for 5 for $20 - can't beat that, oh wait, they discontinued it. Doh. Argh!!!! Admittedly I will probably shell out the $10.50+ to repurchase these Sakura Drop Essences because they're just that good, but that doesn't mean I'm happy doing it.

- Sakura: a translucent pearly pink that's completely clear on my lips.
- Sakuranbo: a pretty juicy cherry red that turns an even brighter red on my lips. The color calms down after while although it doesn't fade completely, staying a nice red tint on my lips for hours. I took this with me on my short vacation back in December because of its SPF, not that it means much anything at all, but the fact that I can just roll into dinner from the beach and still look a bit dressy with glossy red lips is kind of nice ^.^


Ann said...

After La MerI wont complain about lip balm prices anymore if they work!!

My brother in law goes to Huston like one time every month and he have to go to asian supermarkets every single time to buy padam cake for my baby niece that love it (I love it to!) because she was raised in Asia and is the only cake that she like it :)

So i will ask him to see around for the Sakura lip balms :D


D. said...

Hi Ann,

Uh oh, now you make me really curious about the La Mer lip balm... :X and Padam cakes... LOL

But yes you should totally give these lip balms a try if your brother in law can find it!


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