Friday, April 18, 2014

Paul & Joe Color Powder CS

Another super late review for Paul & Joe Color Powder CS in the color 079 Les Tourtereaux. Bought this one at the same time as the Face & Eye Color CS winter of 2012, and it was released fall 2012.

This paper carton closes much better than the Face & Eye CS, although I do wish they would make it thinner, but other than that, no complaints. The blush is unscented and is finer, smoother, and more pigmented than the Face Color just reviewed! It's not like I don't already like the Face Color for their gorgeous chrysanthemum compacts, but I formula wise I think I prefer this Color Powder ^.^ There are some very sparse shimmers scattered here and there but otherwise this blush applies pretty much matte, like the swatches.

079 Les Tourtereaux: a muted blood red and a warm rosy pink. The funny thing is that both colors appear warmer in the pan than on me, as both the red turns pinkish and the rosy pink turns cooler ^.^ Funny how that works, still a very pretty blush and I don't need much for rosy cheeks. Likey!

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