Thursday, April 17, 2014

Paul & Joe Face Color

These Paul & Joe Face Colors were from last fall's Beauty Bay order which also included a Lipstick Refill 001 Cupid's Kiss, one of my favorite lipstick that I carry with me in my bag. There used to be a bunch of colors, and I'm not talking about 5 or 6 color options. There were some 11+ colors available, and that's only what I could find via ASOS online! Yes, folks, you read that right, at least 11 colors, and probably more because I've seen other names that aren't on the below stock photo! I know they're trying to have something for everyone, but talk about overwhelming! I really hate it when companies do that, like the Lancome Color Design palettes, there's only about, oh, 29 some options? Or when you go to a restaurant and they give you a menu the size of a phonebook. Cheezes crisp, really?!?

Anyways, so yeah, I didn't even think about touching these Paul & Joe Face Colors when they first came out. Thankfully last year when I place my order there were only a few colors left, and I picked 10 Tango and 17 Sundown (it says Sun Set on the stock photo) since these two look different enough from each other.
***Stock photos from ASOS USA.

A couple other colors look nice and tempting, especially 15 Re-belle, 07-Love, and 11-Rhapsody, but I already have a gazillion of pink and rose blushes I seriously don't need anymore (that's what I say but...). All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I'm glad I got my hands on these two blushes because they came in beautiful compacts with understated but sophisticated raised chrysanthemum edgings! I love that they're so thin and sleek with a mirror under the lid. There's no included puff or brush that's okay since I use my own brush anyway. And I'd much rather they *not* include a crappy puff or brush and make the packaging as nice and travel friendly as these! If I ever to finish the two blushes I have, I'll be sure to reuse these compacts or just keep them around in my hall of fame of ideal packaging! Big browny points for Paul & Joe. 

The blushes themselves are unscented and very finely milled, feeling smooth to the touch. They're not crazy pigmented as some powder blushes can get, but they're not sheer either, and I'm okay with that. The blushes do have micro shimmers that are so scattered they're technically shimmer-free.

10 Tango: a ochre highlighter and and tawny red blush combo. I usually just swirl both colors together for a reddish coral on my cheeks. 

- 17 Sundown: an orangey peach and fleshy warm pink, and neither color would qualify as a highlighter to me. They mix together for a very pretty glowing peach pink, although I have a hard time playing favorite with these two compact and I like them equally well.

10 Tango (top row) and 17 Sundown (bottom row).


Ann said...

Beautiful everything! I have never had something for P&J except for a pretty pink lipstick with the cat face? Who was stoled for me :(

I'm still quite sick and very sleepy(meds) if my comment is more incoherent that normally sorry we can put the blame on the meds :)

You have posted so much! Lets see how much I can read!


D. said...

Hi Ann,

I stayed away from Paul & Joe for the longest time because everything they release is super cute.

I hope you'll get well soon so get some rest!

Take care,

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