Sunday, October 25, 2015

Soielys Perfect Oil

Using this 200mL bottle of Soielys Perfect Oil right now and loving it! I'm actually quite surprised to find this. It's from Kumano Yushi and I haven't seen any of their other cleansing oils around here.

This is a wet/dry cleansing oil that's a lot thicker than most oils I've used. And it's not thick as in greasy, the texture is more like Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil. It's the kind of thickness that doesn't splash or spill and allows you to massage your skin without feeling like an oil-spill. It rinses well but doesn't leave my skin squeaky or taut. Smells really nice too, a light peach scent that's lovely and not cloying. Some peach fragrance can be sugary sweet. If I can't find anything new and interesting to try after finishing up this bottle (doubt it...), I will repurchase. 

There's a refill too, economical and less wasteful!

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