Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Coffret D'Or Rouge Essence

Stumbled upon a few limited edition colors of Coffret D'Or Rouge Essence I haven't seen in any other drugstores. I'm going gaga over the newer Premium Stay Rouge right now, but being curious I picked up two anyway: RD-208, a LE summer 2014 release, and RS-282, another LE spring 2014 release.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

This is what I meant when I said the Coffret D'Or's lipstick packaging has been "gaining" over the years. Here's the Rouge Essence in black tubes versus the new Premium Stay Rouge in the silver metallic tubes.

But I still like the Premium Stay Rouge's formula way better ^.^ This Rouge Essence feels markedly heavier, less moisturizing, and less glossy. The finish is much more satiny and slightly opaque. I know the swatch photo shows some translucency, but both colors turn a lot more opaque on my lips. 

Pigmentation and lasting power are on par with Premium Stay, although admittedly they don't wear as comfortably as time goes on, being not quite as moisturizing. I do enjoy these two colors I have, but I constantly find myself choosing Premium Stay over them. When I do wear them, to increase both translucency and comfort I apply a layer of balm underneath. I did find another color RD-204 at a bargain price of 1,650yen (~$12) and bought it, but I'll probably stop there. Will review this color later.

- RD-208: reddish coral.

- RS-282: medium rose.

RD-208 and RS-282.

Here I am comparing the 2 Rouge Essences with my 4 Premium Stay Rouges. Note the Premium Stay's vibrancy and depth, but this could very well because of the colors I picked, all of which are bright and translucent.


kuri said...

Sigh, all the pretty lipsticks! Hee.

D. said...

Hey kuri,

How's it going?


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