Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Coffret D'Or Premium Stay Rouge Part II

Here's a follow up post to my latest discovery, the Coffret D'Or Premium Stay Rouge in PK-289, a limited edition released spring of this year (note the pink sticker), and RD-212.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Being a limited edition color, the PK-289 has a slightly different packaging in that the cap "bubble" and the ring are both hot pink instead of the usual light pink. Not that it really matters, I just thought it's kind of neat. Since I've already reviewed the formula in detail, I'll just go straight to the colors themselves.

- PK-289: this was an accidental discovery. I was at the neighborhood drugstore playing around with the Coffret D'Or lipstick testers when I noticed one particular tester hidden all the way in the back. I picked it up and gasped out loud when I saw the color in the tube, a shimmer-free pinky coral so bright it appeared almost neon in the store's white lighting! I tested the color on the back of my hand and confirmed it was love at first sight: a translucent pinky coral. OMG! I searched frantically and saw that they had just 2 left, one of which went straight into my basket!

After taking the swatch photos, I tried it on my lips. My goodness it's even pinker and brighter on me. In fact, it lit up my whole face and still managed to stay classy and sophisticated instead of screaming for attention. Wow. Yup, went right back out again for that last tube they had and have been wearing this color repeatedly since purchased.

Now you're probably thinking, wait wait, the RD-215 reviewed several days ago was also coral? Yes, you're correct that they're both corals, but they're quite different, which is why I'm comparing them side by side for you ^.^

Here are PK-289 and RD-215. In the tube, PK-289 is clearly pinker and brighter and RD-215 appears true coral. Sorry the comparison swatch photo is a bit washed out, so refer to the bottom-most photo for a truer swatch against RD-212.

I love PK-289 color so much I sought after PK-290 and RD-214 from the same LE collection. And my jaw dropped upon seeing those testers too: both are also shimmer-free and bright, with PK-290 a cool pink and RD-214 a gorgeous red. I purchased them on the spot and will review them soon.

- RD-212: I know PK-289 stole all the thunder but RD-212 is no less beautiful, a translucent raspberry with golden shimmers. Although the shimmers are visible on the lipstick itself, I don't feel them at all on my lips and the formula is just as smooth and silky. Love it so much! I've been wearing this color a lot also but haven't gotten a backup yet. This color is in the permanent range so I'm taking my time.

PK-289 and RD-212. Behold the two beauties!

See my previous Coffret D'Or Premium Stay Rouge post.


kuri said...

They look gorgeous! I want to try RD 212 now...

D. said...

Hi kuri,

Both are equally lovely and you should totally try RD-212! Speaking of which, I need to get me a backup of it ^.^


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