Friday, November 6, 2015

Coffret D'Or Premium Stay Rouge

I was browsing the Coffret D'Or display a while back looking at testers for the Rouge Essence lipsticks, having read good things about them. Unfortunately, the available colors fizzled my interest fast, the nude pinks, neutrals, my-lips-but-betters. So I turned my attention to the newer Premium Stay Rouge, whereupon two of this past summer's new releases caught my eyes: RD-215 and RD-216.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

First, a quick rant. I'm a bit dismayed with the recent growth in size for Coffret D'Or lipstick packaging. It used to be that they were in slim and sleek metal tubes, for example the Full Memory Rouge and JM Rouge. Even the Aqua Rouge were still smaller! Whereas these Premium Stay Rouges are rather big and bulky. They're not just heavier, they actually take up more room in my bag!

But the good news is: that's all the complaints I could muster for these Premium Stay Rouge ^.^ The unscented formula is great, way better than all the Coffret D'Or lipsticks I've tried in the past! Okay, so I haven't tried that many Coffret D'Or lipsticks, but I've worn many many lipsticks in general and this formula ranks not too far below my top standards. I've gone back for more colors, if that's any indications. In fact, I've found 2 other colors that I love so much I'm seriously considering getting backups. Will review them shortly.

Oddly enough, this formula doesn't feel quite like the all-time favorites, Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge (the old formula), Lipstick Queen for example. There's a distinct lack of waxiness, yet at the same time it's neither melty nor oily, and it's definitely not slippery or has the slightest feel of silicone. During application, there's a slight tug and that's it. It wears comfortably and is moisturizing. The colors stay put and fade into lovely stains. I apply these to bare lips.

It's the colors that are more hit and miss, with the majority being same old same old. That's not to say there aren't any gems, and I've found a few gems for me so no doubt there's something for you too. I think pigmentation is great, just keep in mind I prefer translucent finishes. If you're looking for opaque, full coverage lipsticks, you'll be disappointed.

- RD-215: coral with very fine golden shimmers that don't show. This color is so very flattering on my lips!

- RD-216: gorgeous blue-based red, also has shimmers that don't really show. I'm rather warm-toned and can't wear a lot of blue-based red without looking very yellow and ill, and this is one of those welcomed exceptions! You can see from the swatch below that despite being more translucent than RD-215 above, this color is rather pigmented. Love!

After swatching these lippies, I went right back out for more ^.^


Citrine said...

Weee, I like rd215 but the gold packaging and hidden shimmer might bother me...i think I will go dig up some ancient lavshuca lipstick on ebay since I do agree that the lipstick queen is the best formula I have tried so far (but the shades and packaging of theirs don't always hit the spot for me. I love saint pink but the tube already started to go gummy on me, medieval started to look battered long time ago...).

D. said...

Hey Citrine,

If you like RD-215, you'll like PK-289 ^.^. I'll review this color next, and I might have to grab a backup of it since it's a LE color ^.^

Yeah, I'm not too hot with LQ's packaging also, especially the sticky rubbery ones. I do like Medieval and Jean Queen's metallic tubes though, but as you pointed out they scratch rather easily, which is a bummer.


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