Friday, November 20, 2015

Lunasol Selection de Chocolat Eyes Swatches

Citrine left me a comment on my Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow Part II post, saying she likes the mattes in her Suqqu quads. Then she also said she'd skip Lunasol Selection de Chocolat Eyes since I poo-pooed them. 

Well, I happened to be out at the Mitsukoshi Ginza when I checked my email and saw her comment in my inbox. So I walked straight over to the Lunasol counter and swatched all 3 of the Chocolat palettes to show her, and you too, just in case what sinks my boat might float others' ^.^

***Screencap from Lunasol JP.

Texture is as expected from Lunasol, creamy and buttery. Pigmentation is excellent for the liner shade and decent for the rest, though nothing like the Three-Dimensional Eyes, Vivid Clear Eyes, or Geminate Eyes.

Here's visual proof why I skipped this collection. These colors are just muddy and meh on me, plain and simple. Even palette 03 Chocolat Raisin I was eyeing in the beginning doesn't look good when swatched. I think I know why too: these quads have 2 mattes in them, the medium/crease (A, top left) and liner (D, bottom right) shades! The base/highlighter (B, top right) has a pearly finish, and the lid shade (C, bottom left) is shimmery. 

03 Chocolat Raisin (left), 01 Chocolat Blanc (top right), and 02 Chocolat Amer (bottom right) with the the best color payoff, I think. Picture taken with indoor lighting and no flash.

On another note, I dared show my face at Mitsukoshi's cosmetics floor again, ...and again left with a few more things... =.=" 

At least now you have a few more reviews to look forward to, among them the Suqqu Christmas Kit A (the gold, brown, navy trio), Lunasol Full Glamour Lip in 02 Cherry Red, and Addiction Pressed Duo Eyebrow in 01 Cinnamon Duo and an Eyeshadow single in 92 Mariage. I will probably save the Addiction items for a longer post as I'm going back first for more shadow singles and a perhaps a pressed powder Kohl Eyeliner, or two... 


Shirayuki said...

Thanks for the swatches! I love Lunasol's eyeshadows and Chocolate Amber looks lovely. Love warm tones. Beige Bronze is my favorite! Haven't tried Suqqu yet.

D. said...

Hi Shirayuki,

I love Lunasol's eye shadows too, even though I wasn't too thrilled with this particular chocolate collection.

You should totally try Suqqu. I'm not worshiping the brand, but they do release some great split-pans :)


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