Monday, May 9, 2016

Precious Garden Hand Cream

Bought both 70g tubes of Precious Garden Hand Cream (a sub-brand of Kose Cosmeport) back in the fall when I was on a hand cream rampage. These are supposedly the same only with different fragrances. The lavender tube is Relaxing Flower, which stays put in my living room on a side table.

This is a very thick and rich hand cream that leaves my hand velvety and softly scented (the orangy tube smells heavenly too!). It comes out of the tube a semi translucent cream, and I only I need a tiny amount the size of my pinky nail for both hands.

Being a compulsive hand-washer, I reach for this hand cream a few times a day, and yet after several months' use I still have half a tube left! With the oncoming summer, I might have to put it away in favor of a lighter cream, but I definitely recommend it for those with dry hands. Love it!

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