Thursday, May 19, 2016

Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow Part III

I finally, finally got around to using Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow holiday 2015 releases, namely 22 輝杏蕾 (Kikyoutsubomi) and EX-28 金紗砂 (Kinshasuna), so here's the long-overdue review.

All pictures taken in natural lighting without flash.

At the time of purchase, I thought I would prefer one palette over the other but turns out I love both ^.^ Which is to say I'm very happy with my purchase despite the initial impulse-buy guilt. Since I've already swatched them in indoor lighting at Mitsukoshi Ginza and provided some details, I'll just go straight to describing the colors in natural light. The only complaint I have is that the deepest shades in both palettes aren't as pigmented as the deep shades in other Suqqu palettes.

- 22 輝杏蕾 (Kikyoutsubomi): this is a great palette that transitions from daytime to nighttime with ease.

Clockwise from top left:
- Lid/base: shimmer, low intensity. Semi-translucent whisper pink that's a great wash all over the lids or as a base for layering. This color has more opacity when seen from an angle and is more translucent when looked at directly. For a lazy daytime look I use it to highlight and then apply a sheer wash to open up the eyes. Yup, that's it.
- Lid: shimmer, medium intensity. Orangey peach. This color is slightly more pigmented, so I highlight with the white instead and then apply a wash of peach.
- Base/highlighter: pearl, medium intensity. Soft white with golden pearly sheen. A great highlighter and makes a great base too. 
- Medium: shimmer, medium intensity. Looks more beige with indoor lighting but is actually a tawny pink in natural light. Whenever I want some depth to a look I apply this under the crease, though it's not dark enough to be used for the outer V.
- Liner/crease: satin, medium intensity. Satiny blackened taupe with scattered shimmers. I use this to line for more sophisticated daytime looks, or on the outer V for nighttime and line with a pencil instead.

- EX-28 金紗砂 (Kinshasuna): Other than the split-pan and the gold, I was iffy with the other half of the palette. Turns out I worried for nothing and actually reach for this palette more so than #22 above! 

Clockwise from top left:
- Lid: semi metallic, medium intensity. A semi translucent and semi metallic yellow gold. I love this color alone on the lid, and I've used a dusting of it as a sparkling top wash too.
- Lid: shimmer, medium intensity. A silvery white. Funny enough, this color didn't bother me at all when I swatched it in indoor lighting, and yet it's my least favorite color now in the palette. It's a tad too cool-toned for me in natural lighting and most of the time, I just don't feel it.
- Base/highlighter: pearl, medium intensity. White with pinky pearly sheen. I was most hesitant with this color when I first swatched this palette. I was even more worried when swatching it in natural light--it was slightly frosty on the back of my hand. But then I wore it anyway and it was fine, not frosty at all on my lids!
- Medium: shimmer, medium intensity. Swatched a taupe with indoor lighting but is a gorgeous dusty rose in natural lighting. Love this color even if it's not dark enough for the outer V and I wear it under the crease for depth.
- Crease: shimmer, medium intensity. A faded, dirty purple that leans cool. It's not dark enough to line with but I just love it nonetheless. I wish they make a single pan of it!

For my purchase I got a folding hand-mirror as GWP ^.^

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