Saturday, May 21, 2016

Suqqu Eye Color Palette Part III

When I picked up Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow 22 輝杏蕾 (Kikyoutsubomi) and EX-28 金紗砂 (Kinshasuna), I also got Eye Color Palettes EX-06 花瑞樹 (Hanamizuki).

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Again I've already swatched both holiday 2015 Eye Shadow Palettes in indoor lighting at Mitsukoshi Ginza, so I'll describe the colors in natural light.

- EX-06 花瑞樹 (Hanamizuki): I'm so happy I went with this trio and skipped EX-05 澄茶墨 (Sumichazumi). At first glance this looks boring, but it's the perfect day look for me. Feminine, sophisticated, and very easy to wear. Can't complain here.

- Top: base/highlighter, shimmer, low intensity. A pinky white that works as a top wash too if I dust it on lightly.
- Center: lid, shimmer, medium intensity. Warm petal pink that reflects some peach, gold, or coral depends on lighting and angle. Love this color!
- Bottom: liner, shimmer, medium intensity. Deep taupe. In natural light it shows more taupe than brown, but makes a perfect daytime liner and smudger shade either way.

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