Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cocopalm Natural Shampoo

Using this 600mL bottle of Cocopalm Natural Shampoo right now and liking it quite a bit! Since using Tsubaki Oil Nouveau 2015 Shampoo, I've been seeking out the non-silicone instead of regular shampoos. This Cocopalm fits the bill. It's advertised as "amino acid and non-silicone," and also free of sodium laureth sulfate, paraben, mineral oil, and additives. According to Cocopalm's brand website, the shampoo also has hibiscus and papaya essence. 

I'm either imagining things or Oshima Tsubaki Oil Shampoo just really sucked, because my hair is much lighter and less oily now when I'm using this shampoo. I was a bit nervous with the supposedly "tropical" fragrance that's "fruity neroli," but it turns out pretty pleasant and not as hippy as I'd imagined ^.^ Being SLS free but this shampoo lathers really well and rinses well, and it keeps my hair nice and soft all day! Will definitely try more shampoos like this!

Freebie samples that came with the purchase, and I'm especially keen to try the Scalp Cleansing Gel (bottom), which is supposed to be a warming clarifying shampoo.


Julia said...

My favourite Japanese shampoo these days is Bluria, which works great for my fine and wavy Caucasian hair. Although I only use it at every second wash beccause I like mixing things up and feel (maybe incorrectly) that it makes my hair look better to switch between two shampoos. I use Ichikami the other half because it's more moisturizing.

D. said...

Hi Julia!

I love Ichikami also! And I saw your comment this morning and went straight out to the drugstore to find Bluria but couldn't find any :(


Julia said...

Ainz & Tulpe should have the range, the big MatsuKiyo in Ikebukuro had them last year, and maybe Cosme stores have them as well.

D. said...

Thanks, Julia! I haven't seen any Ainz & Tulpe or Cosme in my area (that, or I haven't been paying attention ^.^") so I'll search MatsuKiyo first.

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