Wednesday, July 26, 2017

DHC Premium Lipstick GE

While browsing around, I saw that DHC is discontinuing both the Moisture Care Lipsticks as well as these Premium Lipstick GE's. I'd read great things about the Premium Lipsticks so I thought I'd give them a try now that they're at half retail. I ended up picking OR112 Bold Persimmon, RD109 Velvety Red, and RS107 Rich Raspberry.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

These come in silver metal tubes with frosted flower print and gold cap. They're slightly bigger than the Moisture Care's pink metal tubes but are no less pretty. Considering DHC products are on the affordable side, I'm surprised they put so much effort into making their packaging eye-pleasing.

Like their Moisture Care siblings, the Premium lippies are on the thin side. They go on smooth and wear comfortably, but they're way more pigmented than I'd expected. They're also opaque despite swatching with some translucency, and they provide full coverage with a nice sheen. All three colors have shimmers that don't show. In the end, I must say I like the Moisture Care's texture much better even though they were initially gritty due to all the shimmers. I tried really hard to like these Premium ones but opaque, pigmented lipsticks just aren't my thing. I never reach for them and so I passed them on to mum-in-law who was happy to try new lippies. It's a win-win :)

- OR112 Bold Persimmon: looks peachy in the tube but swatches and applies more of an apricot, so it's neither persimmon (which is more pumpkin-orangey in my opinion) nor bold.

- RD109 Velvety Red: a pretty blue-based velvet red, true to its name. I like the color very much but I can't deal with either the pigmentation or the opacity. I like the metal tube too and was loath to let it go, but alas why keep a lippie I know I'll never touch? Sigh...

- RS107 Rich Raspberry: a nice raspberry pink, also true to its name. This color totally bait-n-switched me--see how translucent it is in the swatch? Yet another color I like and was loath to let go of. Argh!

OR112 Bold Persimmon, RD109 Velvety Red, and RS107 Rich Raspberry.

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