Friday, July 7, 2017

Clinique Chubby Stick Part IV

Back in April, I was browsing Sephora and spotted these Clinique x Crayola LE Chubby Sticks that were part of the 2017 spring releases. They were mostly the original sheer colors with just a few Intense, all were on sale for half price! I do like my Chubbies very much and am trying to convert my sister also, so I nabbed the sheers and left the Intenses alone. 

From left to right: Mango Tango, Mauvelous, Melon, Pink Sherbert, Razzmatazz, Tickle Me Pink, and Wild Strawberry. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I was giddy upon receiving my Sephora box in the mail. Alas, the excitement didn't last long and soon I was rather disappointed. The Crayola colors are much too similar to if not outright dupes of those from the permanent lineup. I have comparison swatches to prove it. Boo. Hiss :( Come on, Clinique! I like the formula enough to overlook the color-recycling, but I'd be really upset had I paid retail for them. In fact, I ended up giving a few away because I don't need so many backups.

- Mango Tango: transparent orange with micro gold shimmers that don't show.

Here's Crayola Mango Tango (left) against 12 Oversized Orange (right). 12 is redder and just a touch more pigmented, but on my lips they're indistinguishable.

- Mauvelous: not mauve at all, at least not on the back of my hands or on my lips. This is a sheer red not too different from 07 Super Strawberry.

Here's Crayola Mauvelous (left) against 07 Super Strawberry (right), with 07 slightly cooler but again indistinguishable once applied.

- Melon: translucent pale peach with coral undertone and thankfully neither milky nor frosty. Too bad I'd already passed on 13 Mighty Mimosa, otherwise I'd compare that color to this one. I do think they're pretty similar. 

- Pink Sherbert: a transparent cool carnation pink that's a dupe of 06 Woopin' Watermelon.

Can you tell apart Crayola Pink Sherbert (left) and 06 Woopin' Watermelon (right)? They even look the same in the tube!

- Razzmatazz: transparent fuchsia.

Crayola Razzmatazz (left) has just enough blue to differentiate itself from the hot pink Plumped Up Pink (right).

- Tickle Me Pink: transparent bubblegum pink.

Crayola Tickle Me Pink (left) versus Melon (center) versus 14 Curvy Candy, with 14 being warmer.

- Wild Strawberry: translucent sheer neutral red. Another dupe, this time of 05 Chunky Cherry. This is the only dupe I'm happy to keep.

Crayola Wild Strawberry is just slightly more pigmented than 05 Chunky Cherry.

From left to right: Mango Tango, Mauvelous, Melon, Pink Sherbert, Razzmatazz, Tickle Me Pink, and Wild Strawberry.

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Citrine said...

I remember reading it from a affiliated blogger (one with relationship with the brand PR) and and that she said practically none of the shades was new...I though it was a little funny because clinique assuming customers are gullible enough just for the crayola logo...

D. said...

Hey Mina,

Dammit I should have done more research on these before buying them!! >.<"


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