Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Wander Beauty Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow

This Wander Beauty Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow in Champagne is part of the Secret Escape Kit that I'd picked up on a whim. Wander Beauty is a new brand for me, and I would have never bought the set if not for that attractive Beach Balm in Sangria which I'll post next.

In fact, I'd say I bought this set for that Beach Balm alone, because liquid eye shadows and I aren't friends. My oily lids crease and melt the vast majority of them within thirty minutes. Now I'm stuck with a lip-gloss-sized tube containing a whopping 6.5mL of liquid eye shadow that would probably last me a lifetime.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

There are only 4 colors available: Champagne, Lilac Luster, Bronze, and Dove Grey, and the tube comes with standard doe-foot applicator. I haven't worn it yet. I haven't worn any eye shadow at all since my little one arrived--I don't have time to apply or remove it. So I've only swatched this on the back of my hand and there it performed quite well.

The liquid eye shadow is thin but isn't runny, which means it stayed where I applied it. No feathering and bleeding into fine lines. As you can see, the swatch is opaque, at least this particular color is. Pigmentation is decent after blending, and the finish is semi-translucent. On the back of my hand, it set quickly and did not budge. That said, the back of my hand is also isn't my oily lids. I have dry hands in fact, so it really means nothing that this stuff stayed put on the back of my hand. When I can go back to my usual makeup routine, I'll try this out and will update then.

- Champagne: semi-translucent metallic golden beige with coppery undertone. It's a pretty color and super easy to wear. Just swipe on, blend, and let set. If it were to pass my oily lids test, I'd totally bring it on the road with me!

Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow Champagne and Beach Balm Sangria (will post next).

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