Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Celvoke Voluntary Eye Palette

Here's Celvoke Voluntary Eye Palette 05 Brown, finally, weeks after mentioning it in the previous Voluntary Eyes post. With the holidays approaching, things are just spinning out of control for me at home so the drafts are just piling up on the blog =.=

I drooled the moment I saw this Palette 05 Brown. It's one of those earth-tone everyday palette that's super easy to wear that I simply can't have enough of... In fact, I was so taken with this palette I totally forgot to do the due diligence before buying it. You know where I'm going with this, right?

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

In the Voluntary Eyes post, I said I regret my entire Celvoke purchase, not because of the quality at all but because Celvoke resembles Addiction so much I couldn't tell the difference between the two brands, price point or quality. I also said I much prefer the now discontinued Addiction Ready To Wear Eye Palettes over the Celvoke ones.

Well, here's why: because all those Addiction palettes contain colors that are unique and aren't already in their eye shadow singles collection. Whereas the Celvoke palettes simply (lazily?) recycle colors from their singles plus one sole unique color that's the palette exclusive.

Had I bothered looking up this Celvoke Palette 05 Brown, I would have learned that it contains (right photo, clockwise from top left) 11 Champagne Gold, the nameless palette exclusive LE, 01 Dark Gray, and 07 Tan. Yes, I now have a duplicate of 07 Tan, and all because I was so excited I purchased first and researched later :(

Sure, I can always use colors like champagne and gray, but had I really wanted those colors I would have bought the singles. And Celvoke don't disclose the product content of either the eye shadow singles or the palettes, so I really don't know whether I'm getting a better deal with 4 colors for 7,000yen versus a single for 2,200yen. That's sneaky of them, no?

Anyway, enough complaining. Since these are singles and I've already reviewed the singles, I'll just get straight to the color descriptions.

Clockwise from top left:
- 11 Champagne Gold: shimmer, medium intensity. Neither champagne nor gold in my opinion. More like ivory.
- Palette exclusive LE: shimmer, high intensity. A golden minky brown. Pretty, but I wouldn't buy this whole palette just for the color.
- 01 Dark Gray: shimmer, high intensity. Pewter with silver shimmers.
- 07 Tan

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