Friday, February 23, 2018

Bite Beauty Lush Lip Tint

These Bite Beauty Lush Lip Tint were accidental discoveries--I stumbled upon them browsing through Sephora's sale section. These were going for $17, down from the retail of $24. I tried them on the back of my hand and was instantly sold, so I grabbed one of all the colors I could find: Cherry, Juice, Lychee, and Watermelon.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

So... the packaging. It's ugly +.+ I know this is Bite Beauty and the minimalist smoky gray sticky plastic is their thing, but it's damn ugly. The few other Bite Beauty items I've had here and there were lip glosses and lip pencils, and those only had caps and tops that were gray and sticky plastic. Yes, Lipstick Queen has a bunch of tubes that are sticky plastic, but mind you they're also metallic and *not* gray. Thankfully, like Lipstick Queen, these Lip Tints have one great redeeming quality: the formula. The formula was the reason I bought them to begin with.

Here's Bite Beauty versus Muselle Nocturnal Lipstick F, the latter is among the smallest and most efficient lipstick packaging I own and I haven't come across anything smaller. Bite Beauty is larger than Muselle but is slimmer and longer than your average lipstick bullet. I just wish it wasn't dark gray and sticky plastic.

I'm going to compare these Lip Tints to Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment because I think they're pretty much identical products. I've had several Fresh minis. All of them were in the original color Rose because I thought it was the least pigmented. I've had Petal too but it showed really well on my lips, a bit too well actually, so I stuck with Rose for a long time before getting bored (and tired of paying that price...).

On my lips, I honestly couldn't distinguish between these Lip Tints and Fresh and I applied half and half, both upper and lower lips. That said, I could tell the difference during application. Fresh was really melty and went on like room-temperature butter. Once I forgot a tube in my sweater pocket and let's just say I had to buy a new tube. These Lip Tints was nowhere near as melty, and once on they were just as thick, buttery, and moisturizing as Fresh. So far, no melty mess of a tube in my pocket. 

Supposedly, these Lip Tints has 10mg of trans-resveratrol in the white "B" core, but honestly other than the cool effect I'm not sure that does anything for me or my lips. Fresh has SPF and these Lip Tints don't, which is okay with me and a plus for my sister who's allergic to SPF in lip products. I actually like that these are less pigmented than Fresh. I've complained in the past that Fresh is overpriced and I'm of the same opinion on these Lip Tints. In fact, at the retail of $24 for 3.2g ($7.5/g) these are even more expensive than Fresh at $24 for 4.3g ($5.58/g)! Good thing I bought them on sale, which probably means they're being discontinued but hey, I wouldn't have bought them if they weren't on sale to begin with. 

As far I know, all the Lip Tint colors are shimmer free. The B core does have shimmer, but they don't show at all on the lips. Now I'm dying to find the other 2 colors I don't have: Raspberry and Black Currant.

- Cherry: translucent neutral red. I know the swatch photo below makes it look warm but it's actually neutral. The most pigmented one of the bunch.

- Juice: translucent coral.

- Lychee: a pale fleshy pink that looks translucent and innocuous on the back on my hand but in fact has a white base, which means it applies milky :( The color is several shades lighter than the natural color of my lips too, and so this one ends up becoming my at-home chapstick. Oh well. At least it feels nice on.

- Watermelon: translucent cool rose.

From left to right: Cherry, Juice, Lychee, and Watermelon.

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