Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Wonder Honey Honey Dew Hand Cream

Update Tuesday February 6, 2018.

Just remembered there are two varieties of these Honey Dew Hand Creams: とろとろ(softening?) and しっとり(moisturizing).

The Apple & Honey reviewed below is the softening kind, which might explain why it doesn't last through the night for my dry hands, and the Yuzu & Honey is the moisturizing kind. When I bought these, I purposely picked one of each to see what the difference was and then promptly forgot all about it. Otherwise I'd have tried the Yuzu & Honey first. Will get to it eventually.

Original post Saturday, January 27, 2018.

I first came across these Wonder Honey hand creams at the Ginza Loft. It was a month before hubby and I moved home from Tokyo and I wanted to buy gifts for friends and family. Naturally, it was the Hachimitsu no Mori Hand Cream Gift that caught my eyes (will review later), because I love travel size hand creams I can keep in my bag, especially when they come in several different fragrances. But I also saw an array of larger 50g tubes of hand creams, among which I picked the yummy-sounding Apple & Honey and Yuzu & Honey. Here's a quick review for Apple & Honey.

Wonder Honey is one of the several sub-brands of Vecua Honey, and the product line consists of mostly body care items like hand creams, body sprays, body washes, soaps, lip balms, lip glosses, etc. This is the first time I try their hand creams and although I like it, I won't be going to back to hoard more anytime soon.

When I buy larger tubes of hand creams, I try to aim for the thicker and richer kinds I can apply before bed. While this Apple & Honey one smells good enough to eat and has a nice texture, not too thick not too thin, it sadly doesn't quite last through the night for me. Sure, it's initially moisturizing, but by morning my hands would feel dry again. If I were to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and wash my hands, this stuff would wash right off. Now admittedly I have very dry hands made worse by the constant hand-washing during the day with baby, but I'm disappointed that I the softness wears off even when I didn't wash it off. Boo. Hiss. Will stick with the travel size tubes for the shoulder bag.

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