Sunday, July 22, 2018

Biotherm Lait de Douche Cleansing Shower Milk

I'm more than half way through this 75mL/2.53fl. oz. tube of Biotherm Lait de Douche Cleansing Shower Milk. The only reason it dodged the fate of the Lait de Gommage Gentle Exfoliating Milk is simple: no plastic beads.

This is a body wash in a thick milk texture that doesn't foam much. I like that it doesn't foam much. I live in a really dry climate so my skin suffers and crazy foaming soap makes the matter much, much worse (it's the foaming agent). But not foaming much doesn't mean the milk doesn't clean well. I think it does its job adequately. There's a mild citrus orange scent that I enjoy (the offensive exfoliating milk had the same scent too), so overall, not a bad product. Will move on once finished.

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