Monday, October 22, 2012

Lux White Impress Shower Milk

Just a short review here. Finished up the "courtesy" mini bottle of the Dove Body Wash Cucumber Green Tea that the landlord left in the apartment for us. I actually didn't like this localized version, as it smelled funky, nothing like cucumber or green tea, and was super drying despite the humidity. So I was glad to be rid of it and randomly picked up this Lux White Impress Shower Milk, also a localized product.

Another unfortunately meh body wash though. While it's a tad less drying than Dove, it's way too perfumy for my taste. It also has these sand-like beats in it and I'm not sure what their purpose is because there are too few of them to be exfoliating, but too many of them to not notice and just ignore. So really, they're kind of useless. I'm disappointed, but not really surprised. The mass produced body washes are really crappy nowadays and I think I'm becoming more of a hand-poured goats milk and essential oil soap bar girl.

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