Thursday, November 1, 2012

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow Part II

Stopped by Target for last minute, i.e. panic, shopping and spotted this Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow palettes 55 Smokey Night and 85 Gutsy Green. These are limited editions I'd seen before on Citrine's blog, but since that was way back in May and having had 3 months to go still in Japan, I thought it'd be gone forever by the time I make it home in late August. Of course I snatched them both off the shelf but only brought 55 Smokey Night with me to Taipei ^.^

And then just now I checked and they have all 3 limited edition palettes, 95 Coral Oasis, 85 Gutsy Green, as well as this 55 Smokey Night for $6.99 each plus Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off. Very tempted to get 95 Coral Oasis too but I think I shall refrain as it looks a bit too warm for me.

Brought this quad with me to Taipei because I needed a liner palette but had no space for a bunch of pencils and have no patience or time to sit there and pick the colors out of the rainbow I have. So ultimately, not only I had been eyeing this palette for so long it was also a super convenient buy. I was totally excited and very much looked forward to using it.

55 Smokey Night. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

#55 Smokey Night: I was a tad disappointed too upon playing with this palette the first time. Unlike the others in the permanent line up, all the shades are dry and chalky in texture and are nowhere as soft and smooth as their sisters. And despite looking shimmery and gorgeous in the pan, 3 out of the 4 shades turn out to be a dull matte based with floating shimmers that don't really show. Worse, the beautiful purple that was my most anticipated shade ends up being the sheerest one too T.T Why, Maybelline, why? How difficult is a smokey palette that you have to screw it up so badly? 

And then I remember that it can be used wet and -bam!- like #30 Purple Icon and #110 Legendary Lilac it did a 180-degrees turn on me when applied with a damp brush. Although I'm less inclined to go with a dramatic liquid liner look for everyday school, it's still awesome to know I have the option readily available at my fingertips, quite literally.

When use dry:
- Far left: matte based with floating shimmers, high intensity. A dark chocolate brown with fine gold shimmers that don't show and I wish they do. 
- Second from left: matte based with floating shimmers, medium intensity. A blue-toned purple despite looking warmer in the pan, again with shimmers that don't show. I had such high hopes for this color because it looked so so pretty. And then I swatched it and was terribly disappointed with both the lacking pigmentation as well as the dull finish. Where are the shimmers?!? :(
- Third from left: shimmer, high intensity. A lovely inky blue with fine and dense silver shimmers. I know you can't see them very well, and from my swatch below the color looks just as dull as its other matte based sisters but trust me, it's the only one with the pretty shimmers and is *not* matte based. I didn't care much for this color before swatching but now it's my favorite of the bunch!  
- Far right: matte based with floating shimmers, high intensity. A jet black with silver scattered shimmers that is only somewhat visible. If only it wasn't matte based.

When use wet:
- Far left: shimmer, high intensity. Turns a warmer, more milky chocolate brown and -hooray!- also turns much much more shimmery when used wet! Check out those pretty shimmers! xD
- Second from left: matte base with floating shimmers, medium intensity. Other than turning a periwinkle color, the finish of this shade doesn't change at all when used wet. It's still a matte based, actually even more matte than before, with scattered silver shimmers that don't show at all. Worse, it becomes patchy and shifts around in masses, very obvious in the wet swatches applied with a damp brush below.
- Third from left: semi metallic, high intensity. Opposite with the purple, this color just gets better and better ^.^ When used wet it turns a semi metallic navy with a silvery sheen. Love!
- Far right: matte based with floating shimmers, high intensity. Still a matte based black with floating silver shimmers, although the shimmers do become a tad more apparent and sparkly. Still wish it was not matte based. Boo.

See my previous Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow post.

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