Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Komenuka Bijin Eye Moist Jell

Finished up Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Cream and been using this generous sample of Komenuka Bijin Eye Moist Jell for the past 3 weeks. 

I was iffy using this at home in the states since I am now visiting with my folks where they live is super duper dry, especially in the winter with all the heat blasting. Usually, any eye "gel" is bound to be much lighter than an eye cream so I wasn't sure this would be adequate underneath sunscreen. And indeed this is a super light gel that's so viscous and runny I would mistake it for a Japanese toner if I didn't know any better!

I guess it has been working out so far because I have not experienced any dryness around my eye area yet. Hopefully, I won't. This stuff is surprisingly moisturizing, much so I only use a drop of it for both eyes each time, dabbing on with the pad of my ring finger. When I use too much, it takes longer to dry and leaves my eye areas a tad sticky even! 

So that is to say I won't buy the full size. It's pricey, some $55-60 depends on your source, and it will probably take me forever to use! Some people will think I'm crazy because people normally want their products to last for as long as possible. But you see, I get bored. Very quickly. Heck, this freakin' sample pouch is frustrating me already, lasting for 3 some weeks and still going strong, which reminds me of the IsQueen Rice High Performance Eye Gel that lasted me for more than a month! At this rate, I will probably stop buying the full size of, well, everything!

But you know what, check out the ingredients list! Wow. What amazing simplicity. Considering how well it works and how simple it is, I might just reconsider ^.^ We'll see.

Komenuka Bijin Eye Moist Jell:
Water, Rice Bran, Yeast, Aloe, Seaweed, Lemon, Apple Acid, Loquat Leaf, Lithospermum Root, Natural Vitamin E.
***Stock picture and list of ingredients from Komenuka Bijin Europe.

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