Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pixi Beauty Pretty Eye Perfection Kit

This Pixi Beauty Pretty Eye Perfection Kit, along with the mini Endless Silky Eye 1-Black Noir and Eye Bright Primer, were freebies when I order my other 3 Endless Silky Eye Pens. I've seen interesting eye shadow palettes from Pixi but was never tempted, because there are just too many colors. The last time I bought a huge palette like that (Stila Daydream and Dream in Full Color Palettes, which I'll probably never get around to reviewing because it's just too much), I was completely overwhelmed with so many colors and combinations! So now I limit myself to 10-12 colors at most in one palette, which is still a whole lot but somewhat more manageable than say, 20.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

So far, I've had pretty good experience with Pixi as a brand. I mean, I love the Endless Silky Eye Pens, and I also like the Eye Bright Primer very much. This palette scores even more points for Pixi in my book, and on more than one aspect!

The first is packaging, of course! Now this is what I call packaging, unlike that a bulky and heavy plastic piece of head-smasher shit that was Sephora Hot Hues Baked Eye Shadow Palette. This Pixi 12-color palette comes in a super sleek and thin carton compact with magnetic closure and a clear window pane for visibility. And when I say thin, I mean it's thin, like less than 1cm thin! Width wise, it's about 2.5 the width of the Silky Endless Eye Pen box (see picture above)! So even if Pixi gets nothing else right, they still got the packaging thing down flat!

Next is the pressed powder eye shadows themselves. I have to say I'm also impressed with them, extremely fine-milled and buttery to the touch, not to mention decently pigmented. Wow! 

But here's my confession: despite loving the packaging and the texture of the eye shadows, I have no love for this palette itself. Out of 12 colors there is only three semi-metallic and a couple with a pretty glistening wet finish. The rest are either matte or satin with sparse and scattered shimmers. With eye shadows, I love me some sparkles and I love me some metallics. And I'll be brutally honest that these colors themselves bore me to tears. They're just so, umm, lackluster :( So in the end I handed off this compact to my friend A. who was happy to give the colors a try. 

Top quad: all light colors meant for washes, use as base or to highlight.
- Peach beige: low intensity, semi-metallic with a glistening wet finish. This color is pretty, but I already have many like it.
- Lavender: low intensity, matte based with floating shimmers.
- Peach: medium intensity, shimmers. This color is very similar to the peach beige above, only peachier than beige, more opaque and without the semi-metallic glistening wet sheen.
- Golden bronze: medium intensity, satin. I want to say this shade is shimmery, but while it does have some shimmers the shimmers don't show very well and it appear mostly satiny.

Middle quad: for medium colors for lid or crease.
- Chocolate: medium intensity, matte. This color is deceptive in that it looks like a plummy brown in the pan but goes on the back of my hand a chocolate.
- Candied purple: medium intensity, shimmer. Been running into lots of vivid candied purples lately!
- Milk chocolate: medium intensity, matte based with sparse and scattered shimmers. Looks taupey brown in the pan, but goes on the back of my hand a milky chocolate brown with no hint of taupe at all!
- Champagne: medium intensity, semi-metallic.

Bottom quad: darker colors meant for accent (like that royal blue) or to line.
- Reddish copper: medium intensity, semi-metallic with a pretty glistening wet sheen.
- Royal blue: low intensity, matte based with floating shimmers. This color looks the most interesting in the pan, but also turns out to be the crappiest. In the pan, it's a vibrant royal blue with gold shimmers. However, not only it's matte based, it's also translucent and applies blotchy and uneven. There's definitely a trend with the most interesting looking color/palette turning out to be most disappointing, I tell you!
- Bitter chocolate: medium intensity, matte based with floating shimmers. Another deceptive one looking like a eggplant brown in the pan but goes on the back of my hand with no hint of redness at all! It's just a bitter chocolate brown.
- Deep olive: medium intensity, matte based with floating shimmers. In theory this color should be pretty, but like the royal blue it applies blotchy and uneven.

All 12 colors.


Ann said...

Pretty! but in my case I could use only 3 shades maybe four not because they are boring but because they are warm :(

We don't have Pixi make up in my city only one shop sale the brushes(just a few) and that is!!

I do want try them in the fall when I'm going to USA(wish me luck!) but I 'm afraid all my money is going to Illamasqua, Mac pro and any brand who cater to very skin fair people.


D. said...

Hi Ann,

Yeah, it's too bad the colors don't have more interesting finishes because their texture is really excellent!

Good luck with your visit to the USA! Have fun ^.^

Take care,

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