Friday, March 11, 2016

Addiction The Eyeshadow

After hearing all the oohs and ahhs about Addiction The Eyeshadow, I caved and picked up some. As you know, there are 99 of them, many of which I like. But I exercised self-restraint and bought just four: 043 Dangerous Liaison (P), 075 Boy Toy (P), 092 Mariage (P, one of their bestselling colors!), and 095 Color Purple (ME).

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Of course, I didn't buy any compact and only bought the shadow singles in their nifty and practical clear cases. I think compacts are bothersome and much prefer singles because I can store and pack them better. 

These are some of the best eye shadows I've tried! Quality wise, I think they're on par with Suqqu and slightly better than Lunasol. But personally, I still prefer Lunasol, and now these, over Suqqu. For me, there's just something lacking about Suqqu finishes. May be I'm just not sophisticated enough to appreciate their delicate shimmers? 

So, how good are these Addiction shadows? Excellent pigmentation to start, buttery texture (even that super sparkly 092 Mariage!), and zero fall-out. None, folks, just like the Pressed Duo Eyebrow. Quite impressive! Staying power is great, and there are 4 different finishes to choose from: S-silky, M-matte, P-pearl, and ME-metallic.

Among the 99 colors available, it's not a coincidence that the 4 I chose are shades of taupe, brown, and purple. Those are the colors I naturally gravitate to and use most often. I'm also eyeing a couple of deep blues and turquoise so will probably go back for those later.

- 043 Dangerous Liaison (P): shimmer, high intensity. A blackened eggplant that's great for smoky looks and lining.

- 075 Boy Toy (P): shimmer, high intensity. A taupe brown with bronze shimmers. Perfect for the crease. This color adds depth without turning muddy on me, thanks to the lighter bronze shimmers.

Here's a close up, slightly angled shot of 043 Dangerous Liaison (P) and 075 Boy Toy (P).

- 092 Mariage (P): high shimmer metallic, very sheer. A gorgeous beige that appears transparent when looked at directly but is in fact super sparkly and intensely metallic at any angle. Not sure why they note this is P-pearl, because it's definitely not pearly at all. Either way, I can see why this color's popular! I can apply a very light dusting of it as a top wash, or I can dab and press it for a glossy, wet look. Love!

- 095 Color Purple (ME): metallic, high intensity. A jaw-dropping true purple with a brushed metal finish. It appears harmless when looked at directly but is electrifying at an angle. Like, woah. See for yourself!

A close up, slightly angled shot of 092 Mariage (P) and 095 Color Purple (ME).

Pressed Duo Eyebrow 01 Cinnamon Duo at left, and 043 Dangerous Liaison (P), 075 Boy Toy (P), 092 Mariage (P), and 095 Color Purple (ME) at right.


Dev said...

Wow, those look amazing. I have one single and a quad with their old formula and love them so it is great to hear that the reformulation wasn't detrimental. I will be heading to Japan at the end of the month and will try to keep myself to buying just a few. Yeah right! It is also nice to hear that Suqqu isn't all that. I will definitely check out their counter but for some reason the color ways of their quads haven't impressed me. Lunasol is now on my list to check out since you rate the shadows so highly. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and great review.

D. said...

Hi Dev,

You're so welcome. Thank you for reading and commenting!

I've read about how amazing the Addiction old formula was and now I'm super curious to know how they compare. But of course the old singles aren't available anymore, so you'll have to tell me if you notice any difference.

And yes, definitely check out the Lunasol counter and play with ALL the testers. Some of the older quints are really gorgeous and I hope you'll like them as much as I love them!

Meanwhile, it still surprises me that I don't love Suqqu as much as I'd hope. May be it's the expectations that killed it? It sure beats many brands in terms of quality. I do like it and did buy several palettes, including the Christmas Kit and a couple of the new releases. But I just don't feel a fondness for it like I do with Lunasol and Addiction.

Enjoy your time in Japan!


Citrine said...

I actually like palettes better than singles (at least when I am paying higher price) because I feel like I am not only paying for each color but the trial and error a brand went through to to complete each palette. I still want a few more Lunasol but it seems that the cheap source is no longer on rakuten...

So far for all the Suqqu I have tried, the old core quads, or anything before spring 14 seem to have the highest quality but most look a bit (urgh,I mean like a whole decade)too mature for my preference. I am just not at an age to appreciate their line-smoothing silicone-coated powder and whatnot.

D. said...

Hey Citrine,

I guess with me, I prefer to pick and choose my color combos because it's rare that I love all the colors in a palette. This is actually one of the reasons why I love Lunasol so much, because I actually like all the colors in most of the Lunasol palettes I own, an impressive feat on their account, I tell you!

But otherwise I prefer single shadows. In Addiction's case, their shadow singles contain 1g of product versus 0.85/pan in their quads. So you pay a little more but you get a little more. At least that's my excuse anyway LOL! I did buy an Addiction quad too, which I'll get around to soon I hope. It has some very interesting colors that's not available in singles.


kuri said...

I have the holiday quad from 2013 - maybe I'll crack it open finally :) I was thinking about selling it but it's the only Addiction eyeshadow I currently own, and very pretty.

D. said...

Hi kuri,

Oh, nice! Is that the quad with the electric yellow?


kuri said...

It's the one with the gold shadow and the cheek color in the pan too.

D. said...

Oh interesting! I think I haven't seen that quad! You'll have to tell me if the colors wear well!

kuri said...

Sure, I'll update you after allergy season is over :) Right now I end up rubbing everything off :P

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