Thursday, March 10, 2016

Addiction Pressed Duo Eyebrow

I've been using this Addiction Pressed Duo Eyebrow in 01 Cinnamon Duo for several months now, since last fall when I bought it. I suppose it's time for a review.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

For the longest time, I stuck with Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting Brow Kit, years! Thank goodness I didn't buy a backup of it because after however many years of using, I'd only made a dip the size of the brow-brush head. I'd been super sparing with it because it's quite pigmented for a brow powder--the darkest shade is so dark I could line my eyes with it! After 5 years I called it quits, because it just takes too much work to *not* look like this.

Just kidding. That's Imoto Ayako, comedian extraordinaire whose MO is a sailor school uniform and gigantic painted eyebrows. She's a riot, watching her show made me and hubby laughed so hard our stomachs hurt. And this is how she looks when they don't make her down for her comedic roles.

Anyways, after 5 years it was time to move on. I picked Addiction this time because it's a good brand, good price (only 2,700JPY/~$24), and the compact case is slick and tiny which makes it super portable and convenient. The Anastasia compact is gigantic and was pretty painful to pack the past few times we moved. The only down side I see to this Addiction brow powder is the 1.5g of product, a tiny amount to fit into the tiny compact. But this is totally fine with me because I don't want to invest another 5 years to finish using it.

That said, I think it'll last me years anyway. I use this product sparingly still, but I absolutely love it! The powder is very finely milled and it doesn't crumble or produce any dust at all when I try to pick it up with a brush. Pigmentation wise it's much more subtle in comparison to Anastasia, which means it looks lovely and natural.

I've discovered the joy of using a wide brow brush that's about 3-4 times the average brush width (will definitely review later). And wow, let's just say the combination of this brow powder and the wide brush just totally changed my life! My brow routine is effortless now, and I get a set of brows that don't look at all painted or even filled in. The only regret now is that I didn't discover both sooner :( Where were they 5 years ago?

These swatches were made with an eye shadow sponge-tip applicator, so as you can see it's quite muted. Either way, love! There's a peek of Addiction The Eyeshadow too, which I will review later ^.^
- Left: matte blackened taupe.
- Right: matte beige tan.

Got a few freebies with my purchase: a 15mL pray bottle of Misty On Skin Refresher Travel Blend, an organic blend of juniper essence oil, centifolia rose extract, and rose water, and a couple of Skincare Foundation and Tinted Skin Protector.


kuri said...

I go through eye brow products at a snail's pace, but if I ever use up my Shiseido Inoui ID pencil (still have one refill so unlikely), I'll get this next! Unless you find something better :)

D. said...

Hi kuri,

Yeah me too, despite daily use! I guess I just apply it so sparingly. I think I'm off the market for eyebrow powder actually. I'm just so pleased with this one I won't be looking for a long time!


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