Monday, August 8, 2016

Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes

I saw these Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes on Citrine's blog and my first thought was, Korean super sparkly version of L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows? Yes, please!

There are many colors, and of course many have been discontinued including several of the colors I wanted. But whatever, I'm late to the game to I'll take what I can get. Thankfully, Korea Department Store had some left.

Top row: 03 Coconut Bay, 04 Holly Jolly, and 05 Romantic Floor.
Middle row: 09 Santa Baby, 16 Moonlight Gold, and 22 Cinnamon Rose.
Bottom row: 24 Misty Pink, 26 Sleepy Boy, 27 Sunset Glow, and 28 Pretzels Day. All pictures taken in natural light without flash. Clickable is zoomable. 

My humble opinion is these are glittery copycats of the L'Oreal Infallibles, only in a round plastic pot with a twist cap that doesn't close very tight. Even with the stopper cap on top of the shadow cake, many of mine have begun to dry up and shrink before I even open them!

Even the formula is similar to L'Oreal, a hybrid powder-cream formula that's both powdery and creamy, packed into a thick and dense cake, and is actually "wetter" to the touch. This means they don't produce dust at all but do crumble into chunks. And they apply with a noticeable cooling sensation on the back of my hand, so I suspect lots of alcohol involved.

I love that these are very pigmented, sparkly, and has an intense metallic finish. What I don't love is the color selection: they're super warm, if not outright red. There were cooler and more neutral colors, but these have mostly been discontinued. I know very warm and/or red eye shadows are a thing in Korea, but I can't pull them off like others can. There's too much yellow in my skin already :( So unfortunately, most of the colors I picked are way too warm for me, so I'll have to pass on to my friends who can and do wear them. But the colors I can wear, I absolutely love them!

- 03 Coconut Bay: metallic, medium intensity. A translucent beige when looked at directly but is intensely metallic when seen from an angle. Makes a gorgeous wash all over the lids. Love this color!

- 04 Holly Jolly: metallic, medium intensity. A beautiful coral pink with a metallic golden sheen that turns it peach when seen at an angle. Again gorgeous all over the lids. Love this color also!

- 05 Romantic Floor: metallic, high intensity. A reddish rust that's just way too warm for me. It's pretty, I just can't wear it.

- 09 Santa Baby: metallic, high intensity. Orange with a coral undertone and a metallic golden sheen. Again a lovely color but is too warm for me.

- 16 Moonlight Gold: metallic, medium intensity. A lovely golden champagne and I drool just looking at it! Like the beige above, this color is translucent when looked at directly but is intensely pearly metallic when seen from an angle. More love!

From left to right: 03 Coconut Bay, 04 Holly Jolly, and 05 Romantic Floor, 09 Santa Baby, and 16 Moonlight Gold.

- 22 Cinnamon Rose: metallic, medium intensity. A semi-translucent pink-beige. I'm a bit conflicted with this color. It's pretty, but it's also a bit frosty on me :( I haven't decided whether or not to keep or donate it yet...

- 24 Misty Pink: metallic duo chrome, medium intensity. A semi-translucent pink that leans warm, and yet it has a metallic teal sheen when seen at an angle. This is another color I'm conflicted about. Actually, the color is in conflict with itself. The teal sheen is cool, but pairing it with a warm-leaning pink throws the whole thing off balance in my opinion. I'd much rather have a violet or purplish sheen myself.

- 26 Sleepy Boy: metallic, high intensity. A coppery bronze with a metallic gold sheen. Anything but sleepy and unfortunately too warm for me :(

- 27 Sunset Glow: metallic, high intensity. A penny copper with an intense gold sheen.

- 28 Pretzels Day: metallic, high intensity. A blush-suede that's also too warm for me :(

From left to right: 22 Cinnamon Rose, 24 Misty Pink, 26 Sleepy Boy, 27 Sunset Glow, and 28 Pretzels Day.


Citrine said...

I went on ebay right away for a few earlier shades and holly jolly is sold out everywhere....Now I only want holly jolly and none of the other. Sheesh. At least I saved 30 bucks and endless waiting.

Actually I need to stop picking them up as I am too lazy to reach for singles anyway.

kuri said...

Very pretty. I was just thinking of getting some Maybelline color tattoos, heh.

D. said...

Yeah, I should be smarter and wait around like you, this way they'll all sell out I'll save a lot more money LOL!

But Holly Jolly is really pretty, one of only 3-4 colors I can actually wear in this batch :(


D. said...

Hi kuri,

I guess it depends on whether you prefer super sparkly and metallic (and very warm-toned), or super pigmented as the Maybelline Tattoos are!


Alana said...

I volunteer to take the warm ones off your hands if you haven't given them to anybody yet! Sooo pretty! In return, I can make another Sephora run for ya! :D

D. said...

Hey Alana!

You bet! You're the very person I was thinking of donating to--I've seen you wear some really warm eye shadows and kick ass in them! ^.^

Oh, and we still need to chat about this coming October! Text me whenever you have a moment!


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