Monday, June 4, 2018

Jurlique Activating Water Essence

At last, I forced myself to finish up the 85mL/2.8fl. oz. refill pouch of Ettusais Medicated Skin Version Up Essence. It was meant for acne-prone skin and no one I know has that problem, so I was stuck with it (note to self: don't do that again). For the past month, I've happily moved on to this 150mL/5fl. oz. bottle of Jurlique Activating Water Essence, which was part of the Rapid Hydration Ritual set I bought a while back.

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When I first saw this, I thought this would be similar to SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, after all it's a clear, watery liquid in a tall, slim frosted glass bottle. Nope. It looks that way, but this Water Essence is not at all watery. It actually feels substantial and is decently moisturizing on its own. I guess it kind of makes sense, because this essence is to be layered over the Rose Water Balancing Mist, which is pretty watery. Then the Rose Moisture Plus Daily Moisture Balancing Serum is to be layered on top, although right now I'm using a tiny sample vial of Peter Thomas Roth Oilless Oil 100% Purified Squalane (will review next).

Anyway, this Water Essence has a spicy leafy scent, as if I'd just crushed a pine needle, surprisingly spicy for a skincare product. I like the scent! It's different than anything I'd used before. I use this as part of the after-shower routine, where I spritz the rose water all over my face, neck, and chest, then splash this water essence on the same areas, then PTR squalane.

This is a perfect summer routine, really. Not too heavy or too light. Just right. I'm already half way through the rose water bottle, which means I'll be moving on to the several other sprays I have lined up. This water essence bottle will last me a while since I only use several drops for the face and neck, and another several drops for the chest area. Likey!


Julia said...

Ha, I have acne-prone skin. (Thanks, mom!) And I hate scents in skincare, or at least I'm scared they'll irritate me.

Btw, I will reply to your last email next week after my deadline, okay? Sorry! >.<

kuri said...

This sounds lovely! I shall have to look for a sale.

D. said...

Hi Julia,

Darn it! I should have asked you if you wanted to try it! Okay, I'll keep you in mind next time ^.^


D. said...

Hi Claire,

They do have plenty of sales and good GWP too and it's one of those few websites I stalk :D


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