Monday, January 22, 2018

Ettusais Medicated Skin Version Up Essence

Here's me being totally silly with this 85mL/2.8fl. oz. refill of Ettusais Medicated Skin Version Up Essence. Back in the fall of 2016, when I bought the Lip Essence Stick Color SPF18 PA++ I wanted a cart filler and was curious to try a skincare item. But I didn't want their whitening things or the one mister they had. So out of all the options they offered I had to pick a medicated facial treatment that's meant for acne-proned skin, even though I don't have acne-prone skin and already have several serums queued up at the time. Urgh. What was I thinking (I wasn't...)?

I started out using this essence as my after-shower skincare step, using just a nickel-sized dollop on my face once I toweled-dry. The essence is unscented but is also much stickier than I'd care for, and it's already super dry where I live. How the hell does anyone put up with this stuff in a humid environment like Japan? It takes a long time for my skin to absorb this stuff, but once it does my face feels well-moisturized.

But then I had to stop using this after the shower, because it becomes disgustingly tacky again once I layer on another moisturizer, especially the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil. For a week or so afterwards I used the Clarins oil after the shower and layered this essence on top, but then I forgot to one night and my skin felt fine without it. Basically, I skipped it and didn't miss it, which means I didn't need it to begin with. Ha.

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