Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil

Been using this tiny 2mL/0.07fl. oz. bottle of Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil nightly right after I step out of the shower. Yup, a face oil that I actually put on my face and didn't (haven't?) demote to my belly and bums ^.^

I didn't start out using this Clarins oil, actually. After finishing the gigantic 150mL bottle of Kiku-Masamune Sake Skincare Essence, I moved on to using Ettusais Skin Version Up Essence (will review next) as my out-of-shower skincare step. At the time, this oil was my last layer moisturizer, something I put on right before going bed. The problem was the combination of this oil on top of the Ettusais essence. The oil turned the essence stupid gummy and sticky, and that got me curious enough to go read about how the oil was supposed to work.

According to Clarin's website, I was to apply this oil onto clean, damp face, which means I'd been using it wrong all this time. Wow, liked that never happened before (I'm being sarcastic)! So I ended up switching the Ettusais essence for the oil, applying the oil first right after the shower, then layering on the Ettusais essence 15-20 minutes later. And you know what, the difference was night and day. On damp skin, this oil just sinks right in and leaves my skin super soft, no traces of greasiness at all, not even in the morning when I wake up. Layering the Ettusais essence on afterwards as much easier now than before. The initial application is slightly sticky but then quickly dissipates.

I don't apply a lot of this oil at once. As you can see, this bottle is itty bitty, and there isn't any kind of dropper or applicator, I just twist open the white cap and there's the oil ready to spill. So what I do is put a finger over the mouth, tip the bottle, and then use however much oil that comes away on my fingertip. For each use, I take three fingertip's worth and it's the perfect amount. I probably won't purchase the full size though, because, well, I use fingertip's worth each time, and a full size bottle will last me an eternity.

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