Friday, October 19, 2007

T'estimo Artist Shade

T'estimo Artist Shade in BE-04 is a contouring powder also released in the Spring 2006 Collection. Similar to the Color Lighting, it has 4 shades of earthy bronze and is a mix of warm and cool undertones. The left 3 columns have some shimmer, but only a minimal amount of them.

How to Use (according to T'estimo's video tutorial)
Use a flat and angled blush brush:
- Swirl over all 4 colors a couple of times
- Sweep lightly in the hollows of the cheeks a couple times (to bring out the apples of the cheeks)
- Sweep lightly in the temples (to bring out the cheekbones)
- Sweep lightly on the 2 sides of the nose (to bring out the nose)
- Blend to soften!

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