Saturday, November 24, 2007

Majolica Majorca MJ Spice

The idea of loose powder makeup in a bottle sounds fun, so I got myself a few of these MJ Spice to satisfy my curiosity. Plus they were limited edition items, so it was worth collecting. Even better, these loose powders are multi-purpose: they can used as blushers, highlighters, and eye shadows. Also, you can dab the colored ones on top of clear gloss for a pretty sheen or the lighter ones on top of colored gloss for a shimmery effect. Mix away!!!

These "spices" come in 6 colors, from left to right:

- Sensual Spice (RD)
- Dolly Spice (PK)
- Active Spice (OR)

- Glamorous Spice (GD)
- Pure Spice (WT)
- Cool Spice (VI)
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To my surprise, the cute "little" bottles are actually not so little! Also, because of their design, they are a bit difficult to use on the road. You would have to sprinkle some onto a sheet of tissue, then pick them up with your brush. But I'm not complaining. Out of the 6 colors available, I got the 4 below:

- Sensual Spice (RD): a very pretty raspberry pink that's a bit on the cooler side. It is very pigmented as a blush, so go light with that application! Otherwise, it gives my lips a beautiful tint on top of clear gloss.

- Dolly Spice (PK): a warm princess pink that turns a bit peachy on my cheeks. Do love the color though, both as a blush and as a gloss. Very feminine.

- Active Spice (OR): a bright candy orange that can be lethal when overdosed! But I like it :D I'm in a mad orange craze these days, so I'll go for anything orange! It actually turns coral on my lips, and as a blush, well, be very very careful...

- Glamorous Spice (GD): what can I say except for this being the golden perfection? It looks beigy champagne, but it goes on a crystal clear golden champagne. If I was strapped for space, I'd just take this spice, a gloss (clear or tinted), a brown eyeliner pencil and my face brush with me! For a sparkling natural look I'd use this color to highlight my face and cheeks, sweep over my eyes, and dab on top of gloss. Then at night I'd dash a line or two with the pencil for definition. Wahlah!

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